Saturday Saunter: 8th December 2018

The Saturday Saunter is always a pleasant post to write but as I start this post, unusually in longhand, I don’t have that much in mind for it yet. My mind is almost entirely bereft of ideas but hopefully one will come along any minute now.

May Donoghue sculpture in Paisley, depicting a woman holding a baby in each arm

A few weeks ago, I posted here about the snail in a bottle sculpture in Paisley, which is shown above. The day I went to get a photo of it, naturally it wasn’t there, away to the menders because of bad weather. I had passed by on the bus and noticed the sculpture back in situ so when I was in Paisley the other day, I made sure I got a photo. Plus my shoes got muddy in the process, an unintended consequence but sometimes a cost of doing blogging business.

To books, and I’ve managed to get through a few books this week. I’ve re-read a few Quintin Jardine crime novels on my iPad and I managed to finish Going to the Match by Duncan Hamilton, an excellent collection of essays about the footballing experience. It mentioned ‘Sunshine on Leith’ by the Proclaimers and the rendition which followed the 2016 Scottish Cup Final. I might write a blog post about that particular song soon. I’ve also read Robinson by Muriel Spark this week, a beguiling novel from the perspective of a woman who had survived a crash on a desert island going into the resulting personality clashes between the protagonists.

I’ve also been thinking about blogging itself. I’m in a bit of a groove with it at the moment. I like writing these posts each week and Streets of Glasgow is good to write too, particularly as I have no clue what the post will be until I do the walk. The thing about it is that it is largely a solitary pursuit. I know some of this blog’s readers personally but it always feels weird when something I’ve written comes up in conversation in real life. Nice weird. I’m comfortable with what I write just now. It’s been a very varied year here and I’ve been able to have and write about some very cool adventures. Next year will hopefully have some new and exciting things happening, to experience and write about. The new Intercity series for one, which starts in January. Hopefully I will get round to meeting some other bloggers, as Anabel wrote about recently, do some other writing too and enjoy not being so comfortable.

This post is appearing a bit later than normal since I am doing a bit of work then going to the football. Tonight I’m also going out, which is fairly unusual. So, it’s a rich, busy day, filled with buses, trains and a whole range of people. Work and the people tonight are familiar but I have never been to the Hope CBD Stadium, home of Hamilton Academical Football Club, Hibernian’s opponents this afternoon. Their stadium has two stands and a temporary one, plus an artificial pitch. I’ve seen the ground on the telly and it has never appealed but it is also the only Scottish Premiership ground I have never been to before so it has to be done. I have only been to Hamilton once before, which was to the Mausoleum about five years ago. I think I wrote about Hamilton Mausoleum recently – I must try and get a return visit. It is a fascinating place, probably far more than the football ground I will be visiting this afternoon. Hibs just need a win, nothing else.

Anyway, that’s us for today. Tomorrow’s post here will be about the Caledonia Road Church. Streets of Glasgow returns on Wednesday, which will be back in the Merchant City. Have a lovely weekend, folks.

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