Streets of Glasgow: Gorbals Street


This one had been planned for a while, the Gorbals long since a part of the city I’ve meant to get back to in this series. I came over the Victoria Bridge, looking at the golden tower of the mosque standing high over the cityscape. The street was fairly busy with pedestrians and cars but the Sheriff Court, the busiest court in Europe, they say, was deserted, lights on but nobody about.


Gorbals Street is mostly modern now, lined on one side by new and ongoing housing developments. The street is modern though once it was classically Glaswegian, bustling with Victorian tenements and shops. The buses are there but just one traditional tenement block, railway arches and the Citizens’ Theatre left from even thirty years ago. Even from when I came to Glasgow, Gorbals Street has changed, the huge tower blocks that once stood there now levelled to make way for the new. Every time I’m there there’s always something new, a photo soon an archival document.

This particular afternoon there were schoolkids heading for buses, a fair few folk heading for home with the usual Friday rush of cars beginning to take shape. I walked and thought my thoughts, remembering days at the Citz and wondering what this street would look like when I get there next.

Thank you for reading. This is the fifty fifth Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets featured here include Cumberland Street and Cathcart Road.

4 thoughts on “Streets of Glasgow: Gorbals Street

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