Saturday Saunter: 12th January 2019

So, it’s Saturday Saunter time again and I wasn’t sure what to write today. I started to write a whole treatise about psychogeography and what it means to me but it was getting a bit meta and I was boring myself, to be quite frank. It might just have to be a bit of an aimless drift, just see where I get to.

As this is posted I will be on the way to work so I am writing this on Thursday night. On my telly is Springsteen on Broadway, which recently came on Netflix. It’s an acoustic concert with Bruce Springsteen singing and telling rambling stories. It’s not been too bad so far plus it is quite a nice soundtrack to writing. I work late on a Thursday so usually I’m not ready for bed for a while. I came in and did a bit of yoga, which I have been trying to get into. There was a whole lot of swearing as I tried some of the different poses in my book. I’ve sworn less at the football. Then I put Springsteen on and got my laptop out.


Last weekend I went to Dundee. I managed to cram a whole lot in, including some walks that will result in blog posts over the next few weeks. In the afternoon I ventured over to Fife and Cellardyke. Cellardyke is a village just along from Anstruther with old buildings and a stone-built harbour. From that harbour there is a great view right across the Forth to the Isle of May, the Bass Rock and North Berwick Law, on a good day almost to Dunbar, where I grew up. These were all familiar landmarks from my youth but in reverse. Anyway, Cellardyke is lovely and one day, probably by the time I’m 80 if things go the way they’re going, I would like to retire there, to a little writer’s garret with a sea view. I’ve been there on summer days and cold, wintry ones like Saturday when the sea was the colour of slate. The sunlight was rapidly fading as I walked and stood at the end of the pier for a few minutes. It was the right place to be, well and truly.

Springsteen’s just played Thunder Road. Cool.

While I was in Dundee, I managed to fit in that city’s contribution to the Intercity series, which should appear in about three weeks time. I chose Tannadice Street and Sandeman Street, which is much less glamorous than the Broomielaw or the High Street in Edinburgh but no less interesting. When I write these things, I tend to work from photos, notes and my memory and the piece gets written from there. I had planned to mention an old spinning mill that once sat on that street across from Tannadice. It interested me and could bring in some of Dundee’s industrial history, but as I wrote the piece on the bus home, it didn’t end up in it. I had looked up the street on Canmore and there had been interesting aerial photographs. The experiences of writing and walking are very, very different and it probably comes down to editing, the addition of a filter. I think of writing as like a patchwork. It is all in the stitching. I got a lot out of my trip last weekend, for writing and just generally. Just being able to ramble and explore was great.

On the bus I read Whisky From Small Glasses, a crime novel by Denzil Meyrick set in a fictional west coast town. It was well plotted and the characters had lots of depth, not always the case with crime fiction, and I’m looking forward to working through a few more of the series. I think I have the next one there to read soon.

This weekend I am working today and away again to Fife tomorrow. Fife might involve Dysart or the East Neuk. It’ll definitely involve fish and chips. We’ll see what happens before that.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today. Tomorrow it is Intercity and Stirling’s turn. Wednesday will be Loose Ends and a hill I might have been up last Saturday. Until next time, have a nice weekend. Toodle pip.

Postscript: Before I forget, it’s recommendation time. Jessica, who writes Diverting Journeys, usually reviewing museums, recently visited Glasgow and explored quite a lot of our fine city plus going to the Necropolis. Have a wee read of that. Also, Natalie at Wednesday’s Child wrote about January blues and I agreed with every word. Finally, Alex Cochrane wrote a good post about tea. I don’t like tea but I liked the words all the same.

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