Loose Ends: Dundee Law


Loose Ends resumed last week with Calton Hill in the centre of Edinburgh. It connects neatly with Dundee Law, not only because both are hills in the middle of Scottish cities but because it is also possible to see football grounds from them. From Calton Hill Easter Road is visible while from Dundee Law both Dens Park and Tannadice are just over the prow of the hill. I had never been there before and I was a little out of breath, my walk up from the city centre more gradual than it could have been if I had gone via the Hilltown. As I walked up the slope, a woman was sitting on a bench brushing a dog. Next to me was a metal archway, possibly made to resemble a whale’s jawbone.


As I walked up the stairs to the top of the Law, I saw a guy necking a wine bottle. Lovely. I proceeded past so I could get a better view across the north of the city, towards Dens,  Tannadice and the hills. There were quite a lot of chimneys from old mills, a relic of when jute was a major industry in Dundee, and I tried to get my bearings, finding the Kingsway and looking from there. I stood by a trig point, this one in all right condition with some writing over the top. They are a frequent sight on high points, no longer used but once designed to help the Ordnance Survey map the country.


At the other side there were great views right across Dundee and up and down the Tay, to Broughty Ferry and its fine castle and to hills beyond. It was also possible to look over and see St. Andrews, which was a nice bonus. My eyes raced up and down city streets, finding the new V and A, the DC Thomson building, Alliance Trust and the DCA. The Tay Road Bridge was dead straight and I watched the traffic on it for a minute then followed the curves of the Rail Bridge towards Fife. It was high tide so the stubs that remain of the old one weren’t visible. Towards Newport and Broughty Ferry a white strip of water lapped up, clearly passed over recently. I could have sat there all day, looking down and over the landscape.

To the connections and originally I thought about Broughty Ferry since I could actually see it. The castle and the village looked almost rural, detached from the urban sprawl. Then St. Andrews came to mind, since I could see that too. In truth I could have gone anywhere from Dundee Law, even one of the many other laws, like Traprain or North Berwick. It felt that I could see all of Scotland, even more than on Calton Hill, and I was glad to have made the connection that led me there.

Thanks for reading. Another Loose Ends adventure follows next week.

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