Saturday Saunter: 19th January 2019

Well, it’s Saturday morning. I’m off to Edinburgh today to see the mighty Hibernian play Elgin City in the Scottish Cup. It’ll be a bit quieter down at Easter Road, due to the opposition, the extra cost of a ticket over the overall season ticket price plus it’s January and money is often tight in January. I couldn’t be anywhere else, though, even though it is bound to be absolutely baltic. While in Edinburgh I also hope to do a little something for Loose Ends, one of this blog’s series, possibly in Holyrood Park. I do intend to be wrapped up very warmly indeed. The wind cut right through me yesterday and that was in the wild west, a fair distance from the sea.

Today’s travelling book is How To Be A Footballer by Peter Crouch. Crouch is still gainfully employed playing for Stoke City down in Englandshire at the age of 37 and he has had a diverse playing career, also being known for robot dancing and marrying a model. Normally I don’t read football autobiographies. Some of them can be dire, dirges from the laptop of some ghostwriter. This one will hopefully be interesting, even if I spied that Crouch wrote this one with a ghostwriter too, one Tom Fordyce, this information buried on the title page.

Last night I managed to get into Glasgow to do some shopping. Before I shopped, I managed a Streets of Glasgow walk for the first time in ages. It was in the city centre as the sun went down. I’ve always liked these walks because I can just walk in the city, being extra aware of my surroundings as I look, listen and smell just that little bit more acutely. It should be on the blog in a couple of Wednesdays time. I’m looking forward to doing some more wandering around the city in the coming weeks. I hope to do a couple of walks in the West End and a couple in the south side, maybe towards Shawlands. Any suggestions, please do let me know.

I’ve been thinking about where I would like to go in Scotland this year. I also hope to get to London and maybe Cornwall as well but much of Scotland is close to hand so day trips will be what keeps me going. For the Intercity series I write here, I hope to get to Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness soon. Inverness will maybe involve a trip out to Fort George, not because I give a hoot about military history but for the views over the Moray Firth, and also to finally see Leakey’s bookshop, a secondhand bookshop that looks well-stocked but not to the Voltaire and Rousseau (Otago Street, Glasgow) level. I also hope to get a walk along part of the John Muir Way, particularly from Helensburgh to Balloch, which I’ve been meaning to do for weeks. Kellie Castle near Pittenweem and Hermitage Castle in the Borders are both on the list too. There are many places I have been to in Scotland, some many times, and some of them are destined for a revisit. But I feel hungry to see some new places too. The winter is often a great time to explore when places are quieter too, maybe not when the wind is cutting right through you but it’s part of life’s great tapestry.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 19th January 2019. What will appear here tomorrow will be the Intercity post for Edinburgh. That one gets a bit ranty. On Wednesday will be Loose Ends, this time by a monument. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend. Cheers just now.

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