Loose Ends: Martyrs’ Monument


St. Andrews is a town I quite like despite its innate poshness and of course the golf. It’s quite like Stirling as the history of the place is all around, the Cathedral towers dominating the landscape, the castle just up the street no less impressive. When I think of St. Andrews I think of religious history and the Reformation in particular. I was there recently to change buses and it occurred to me that the Martyrs’ Monument, an obelisk on a hill above the beach, the aquarium and a golf course, was a possible link from the last instalment of Loose Ends, Dundee Law. I stopped, snapped a few photographs and thought about where to go next. There is no shortage of sites linked to the Reformation in Scotland, St. Giles in Edinburgh or maybe Haddington, the birthplace of John Knox. I even thought of a link from St. Andrews to St. John’s town, otherwise known as Perth.

The interpretation board gave a little background on the four Protestant martyrs and featured a splendid quote saying that Patrick Hamilton, burned in 1528 for spreading the message of Martin Luther, met his death ‘with Christian magnanimity’. Being a cynical heathen myself I couldn’t help doubting that somehow. The monument was erected by public subscription in 1842-43 and restored in 2013. The modern work shows. On a cloudy January day the newer stuff shone while the original was grey and austere. It was an intriguing juxtaposition and I quite liked it, even if I couldn’t quite keep my questioning mind at bay.

Thanks for reading. Another Loose Ends adventure follows next week.

7 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Martyrs’ Monument

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