Saturday Saunter: 26th January 2019

Happy Saturday,

Working today so this is being written on Tuesday night. On Tuesday morning, as I was on the way to work, it was snowing. Only a little bit then when I got to work, there was quite a bit more. It very quickly melted and by the time I left, the pavements were pretty much clear. I was torn between feeling childishly delighted that it was snowing and a grown-up sense of frustration and having to think about practical things.

Tonight my soundtrack is YouTube. I am a bit of a nerd, as should surprise absolutely no-one reading this, and I follow relatively few YouTube channels. Some relate to Hibs, though tonight’s is Geoff Marshall, who vlogs about trains and travelling around the country on them. As I type these words, he is faffing about the Siemens factory in Germany looking at a new train that’s going to run on the Northern City line in London. More interesting than it sounds, honest.

This week I have been doing a bit of reading, mainly crime fiction. On Wednesday night I went to see Hibs play at Motherwell, not that far from where I live in southwestern Glasgow or from my work but still a book was required. I’m working through the DCI Jim Daley series by Denzil Meyrick at the moment so the third volume, Dark Suits And Sad Songs, came with me. I read the first two on my iPad, one from the library eBook app, and the third in print. I read in print and on a screen, usually based on convenience or what I’m up to. When I’m travelling to and from the football, I take an actual book. Last Saturday’s was Peter Crouch’s How To Be A Footballer. I was reluctant since I really don’t give a hoot about the English Premier League plus it was also ghostwritten but I really enjoyed it. It was very well put together, engaging and funny. I read a lot of it on the bus to Edinburgh (a train had broken down at Edinburgh Park, necessitating a quick dash to the bus station) and some actually at Easter Road before the game.

My to-read pile is ginormous, as ever, some of it there since before Christmas, others more recent. I work with books for a living. It is an occupational hazard but I might need to cut the pile down. I’m in a real crime fiction mode though I’m also re-reading Harry Potter again. I do that a lot. It’s light relief.

Now on in the background is one of the All The Stations adventures, involving Geoff and his partner Vicki on their 2017 trip around all of the railway stations in Great Britain. Currently on the outskirts of London.

I do a fair bit of TV but usually through Netflix. Earlier I was re-watching the documentary about Sunderland AFC though I have also been watching the new series Sex Education (with Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield) and also the latest series of Grace and Frankie, featuring the wonderful Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. My first encounter of Lily Tomlin was when she was President Bartlet’s secretary on The West Wing, and she is just great, dry and droll. Martin Sheen is also in Grace and Frankie, incidentally. As a very big West Wing fan who watches it regularly and listens each week to The West Wing Weekly podcast, any sightings of its cast can only be a good thing. I quote it regularly, even just in my thoughts. Whenever I think ‘what do you know now that you didn’t before’, I hear Toby Ziegler in my mind, from the last episode of the fourth season, saying ‘babies come with hats’. That happens at least twice a week.

I feel I’ve been a bit more nerdy in this post than normal. As if writing about psychogeography isn’t obscure enough, I have to go into trains and West Wing trivia. Sorry, readers, but it had to be done. At least I’m not going to write about the Oxford comma, which I was thinking about doing. Now, that would be really bloody boring.

Anyway, that’s us for today. Thanks as ever to all readers and followers. Tomorrow is another Intercity post, this time featuring Dundee. Have a very good weekend, whatever you end up doing.

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