Loose Ends: Meadowbank Stadium


I was in Edinburgh a bit early and decided to have a wander in the very cold sunshine. My intended destination was the Craigentinny Mausoleum, linking it with death and the Greyfriars Burial Ground in Perth, forgetting I had been to the John Witherspoon statue in Paisley since. Witherspoon went to the University of Edinburgh, though, so anything in the capital would do. Then I came past Meadowbank Stadium, which is in the process of being demolished in order to build a brand new sports centre in its place. There has been a local campaign appealing to Edinburgh City Council not to cut down the trees that line the street outside the stadium. Some of the trees bear banners and knitted decorations in support of the campaign. The words ‘Don’t Kill Our Trees’ summed it up well. The stadium was built for the 1970 Commonwealth Games and the stand was Brutalist in style. When I looked up from the trees, I realised that there was a big hole where most of the stand used to be, only two small sections left at either side. Since I love old football grounds and particularly their architecture, it was a particularly beguiling sight to see the stand in the process of demolition. In front of the stand, aside from those trees, were boards bearing graffiti as part of a wider art installation, including a drawing by local school children. It was good to get a look at all that street art but I was so glad to have caught the stand in mid-demolition.


The next connection came about 40 minutes after this unexpected joy though it could have connected with any semi-derelict structure, maybe even St. Peter’s Seminary in the woods outside Cardross, or Cathkin Park, featured in this series previously. Meadowbank is also a place I went on a school trip, being near where I went to primary school, so any place I went to with the school could have worked. This was a good few minutes just looking at imagining what will come next and enjoying Meadowbank in its current state of change.

Thanks for reading. Another Loose Ends adventure follows next week.


4 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Meadowbank Stadium

    1. Indeed. They are building a new one on the same site, though there’s been a few controversies around it, including with the trees and the fact the new stadium won’t be really suitable for Edinburgh City either. It seems to be happening anyway, though. The banners are class.

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