Saturday Saunter: 23rd February 2019

Good Saturday to you,

Our Saunter today comes as I’m on a train to Aberdeen. I was in Dundee last night watching the Hibs beat Dundee 4-2 and stayed over after the match. As you read this I have just had a decent walk around Dundee city centre, had fruit for breakfast because allegedly it’s good for you and I’m ready to rock for the journey up to Aberdonia. While there I will do the last Intercity walk and have lunch with relatives. Then I’ll get the hell out of Dodge and come right back to civilisation.

My view as I edited this post, by the V and A Dundee

The Intercity series has been good fun to write. I can confidently say that today’s instalment won’t be my favourite. The nicest to do was Perth in the cool January sunshine while the best to write was Inverness, which I did on the bus home. At some point I might come back to it, maybe doing a second street in each city or covering some of those places which have cathedrals. In the meantime, Streets of Glasgow returns in two weeks time and I’m glad. I don’t like it when the blog gets too far from Glasgow. Pure dead brilliant, by the way.

This is the first Saturday in a few which hasn’t involved a trip to Edinburgh to see Hibs. As much as I love our nation’s capital, it’s nice not to be on the way there today. Sometimes I combine going to the game with a walk somewhere, usually with this blog in mind. It’s good not to do that all the time. There can be a tendency to use every little morsel of life for fodder and material and that can mean there’s very little room to savour adventures for what they are rather than turning them into words on a screen. John Muir once wrote ‘Cold writing can be a feeble medium for heart-hot ideas’ and I’m a big believer in that. Keeping them hot is the trick but not all the time.

Last weekend I was in a restaurant. That happens from time to time. The restaurant was fairly busy with lots of surfaces for noise to bounce off. It was a branch of a popular chain and I’ve been in different ones without an issue but this one was hard to bear. The room had a low ceiling and I don’t think that helped. My food was fine but it was a wee bit of an overload all the same. It’s strange because I’ve dealt with all sorts of loud sensory environments in recent weeks without issue. It might have been the pitch and frequency of plates, knives and forks that did it. My big old autistic brain can be a mystery sometimes.

Yoga is becoming less mysterious and I’ve been doing a wee bit most days. I think I mentioned here recently that I’m working from a book but only one book. I’ve looked at a couple of others but they left me a bit confused. One source of information works for me. Establishing a filter. Anyway the yoga poses are divided into three sections and I’ve started in the second part, now being fairly au fait with the first bit. I’m not very well-coordinated anyway but I think the yoga’s helping. I feel physically and mentally better after I’ve done it, plus physically I seem to be looking better, which is definitely a bonus.

I’ve recently changed around my to-read pile, doing away with some library books that don’t tempt me as much as they once did and replacing them with others. This weekend’s travelling book is Inner City Pressure: The Story of Grime by Dan Hancox, something I picked because I don’t know anything about that particular genre of music. Still on my iPad is The Quaker by Liam McIlvanney, which I started on the way to Inverness but deferred to read something else.

Hopefully on the way home tonight I’ll manage to write up the Intercity Aberdeen post which should appear here tomorrow. If it’s something else, you’ll know that I couldn’t be bothered typing it up when I got in. Loose Ends is back on Wednesday and it’s in Porty. Thanks as ever to all readers, commenters and followers. Cheers just now.

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