Loose Ends: Portobello Community Garden


The last instalment of Loose Ends involved a look at Meadowbank Stadium in the process of demolition. This time began a mere 40 minutes later, along in Portobello, a seaside enclave of Edinburgh. I had just had a bite of lunch (small steak pies from the baker’s, since you ask) and thus refuelled I walked along the Esplanade until I came to some chimneys which I had seen before and felt might be a good addition to this series. I couldn’t remember anything about them except they had interesting carvings. The three pillars, I soon learned, came from a garden nearby, press-moulded blocks of Coade Stone. The chimneys at Dalmeny House at the other side of the city had a similar design to the smaller pillars. They always have a tinge of exoticism to them, maybe more likely to be found somewhere warm rather than by the beach in Porty. I got a few photos then turned round, getting a great view across the Forth towards North Berwick Law, Hopetoun Monument, the Pans and Musselburgh.


Again, I had decided the next destination, but I could have gone to Dalmeny House, which I had been to a few years back, or to any one of the places I could see. Even though it was baltic, I was glad to have had a good look at these pillars. They connected well with Meadowbank Stadium, a place now getting demolished though with a distinct, though very different architectural style, and the thought occurred to me that while a couple of connections recently have been about death, this one was about renewal. Life, death and the resurrection, to go all Biblical. Those deep thoughts done with, I walked on, ready for the next.

Thanks for reading. The next Loose Ends adventure follows next week.

5 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Portobello Community Garden

  1. Alli Templeton

    Those pillars are amazing! Perhaps they were inspired by the ones at Dalmeny House? They have quite a few medieval designs incorporated into them, but to me they look like a fascinating cross between an architectural flourish and a cactus! Great connections, by the way.

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      1. Alli Templeton

        Factory seconds – what a lovely concept for so long ago. Thanks for the link – it’s really interesting. They’ve done a wonderful restoration job on them. And I agree, spontaneous connections and thoughts like that are hard to beat.

        Liked by 1 person

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