Saturday Saunter: 2nd March 2019

Good morning,

I had actually written something for this morning but I’m up and I can do this live. As I start this, it is 08:31 on Saturday morning and there is blue sky interspersed with some scattered white clouds. Playing in the background is a special edition of the West Wing Weekly podcast featuring Martin Sheen. What a dude he is. I might change what I’m listening to as I go. We’ll see.

Today I’m off to Edinburgh to see Hibs play the lesser greens but kick-off isn’t until teatime so I’m not sure what time I’m going to head through to the capital. It was extraordinarily mild last weekend and earlier this week but cooler and more February/March-like now. It is forecast to be wet tonight but hopefully it will stay dry enough to have a wander either here in Glasgow, which I haven’t done in ages, or in Edinburgh. Tomorrow I might go for a jaunt around Glasgow or I might have a lie-in and not cross the threshold. The lie-in would be good though I only woke up about 8 this morning, which counts in my book.

My travelling book today is the history of grime music which I took with me to Dundee last weekend and actually managed to start on the way to Perth on Wednesday. It is actually quite interesting, giving an insight into the music and its creators as well as the broader context of its origins in London in the early part of the millennium. After that, I might read some crime fiction.

After this, I’ll do some yoga and weights then start to think about how I will proceed into the day. My regime isn’t that elaborate, taking around an hour, but it works at the moment. My yoga book has three stages and I’m still doing the first stage poses though I tried to do a full bow last night, which is more advanced, and it didn’t go well. There was a lot of swearing, let’s say.

I write something every day with the blog getting some attention every few days depending on what I’m doing. Last night I sat down and wrote the Saunter post I was going to post today (it will be here next week; it’s a tour of Glasgow) and also the February digest, which will appear here tomorrow. I tend to write in bursts and if I’m on a roll, I can go for a while. Then I woke up this morning and decided to write again too. When it’s going well, writing is wonderful, words appearing on the screen, flowing and ebbing like a mountain river. It is an outlet, a great one, and it’s nice to be doing.

Another train has passed my window. I live right by the railway and hundreds of trains pass every day. Yet they don’t really register any more, only picked up when I’m not focusing on anything else. Every few minutes, there is an electric train in a hurry, sounding like a speeded-up car horn with the wheels clattering on the tracks, speeding for the coast or the city. Sometimes I see a train and wish I was on it, maybe bound for Glasgow or a ferry somewhere. Today it’s Central and then to Edinburgh. It’s going to be great.


Central Station gates

Anyway, that’s our Saunter this morning, live and still with Martin Sheen in my ears. Love that man. Tomorrow will be the February digest, Loose Ends will be back on Wednesday. Have a very lovely weekend. Toodle pip.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: 2nd March 2019

  1. Alli Templeton

    I totally agree with you – writing is a great creative outlet. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I used to do yoga aswell, and I found it really therapeutic. Maybe my teacher was going easy on me! Have a great weekend.

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    1. I got a bit wet in Edinburgh when I was walking about. The rain came on as I was going through. There were only a few spots when I got on the train at my bit then 10 minutes later in town it was properly raining.

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