Saturday Saunter: 16th March 2019

Good morning,

I haven’t actually written anything for the blog in a couple of weeks so it’s nice to be able to sit down and write something new now. The luxury of having lots of scheduled posts ready to go. What I like about the Saturday Saunter is usually it is current, written a couple of days before it is published, and it is spontaneous, invariably without a clear plan or focus as I start it. Today’s is no exception.

This Saturday I am off to Easter Road to watch the Hibees play Motherwell. My team has been in the news in recent days and for all the wrong reasons, a pitch invader during last Friday’s game against The Rangers and for a bottle of Buckfast chucked in the direction of a Celtic player when we played the lesser greens in the Scottish Cup the week before. Leeann Dempster, the Chief Executive of Hibs, has released a statement detailing just how the club will deal with unacceptable conduct and I agree with every single word of it. For the first time in a while, in fact since a similarly tumultuous fixture at Tynecastle in October, I sat at Easter Road last Friday and actually thought ‘what am I doing here?’ I felt unsafe and uncomfortable in one of the few places on earth where I feel I belong. The strong words from Leeann Dempster immediately after Friday’s game and again in the statement released on Wednesday have reassured me. The actions of these morons at Easter Road, St. Andrews and the Emirates over the weekend tarnish a game so many of us try to enjoy. Thankfully Hibs are back in action today and hopefully Paul Heckingbottom’s team go and get three points and keep us on the road to a top six finish.

I’ve not read terribly much this weather. I finished an history of grime music last Friday night before the Rangers game and apart from that I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on my iPad. Today’s travelling book is Why Are We Always On Last? by Paul Armstrong, a book by the former editor of Match of the Day about the trials and travails of scheduling football matches to try and please a large audience. Randomly my very favourite song, and of course favourite football song, ‘Sunshine on Leith’ is currently playing in the background. The finest song on this planet. I’ll pause as it comes up to the good bit.

Back now. The Paul Armstrong book comes with mixed reports. One of my colleagues had said it wasn’t very good so we’ll see. It’ll come with me to Easter Road anyway.

Ghost sign on Paisley Road West

This is the 587th post on Walking Talking. I publish three posts a week here so the number count just goes higher. I thought it was lower so I maybe should get round to thinking about the 600th post. The 500th was Streets of Glasgow along Paisley Road West and the 400th was in Scots. I loved writing that one. I’m not sure what I will do yet. Any thoughts will be gratefully received.

The above was written on Wednesday night. On Thursday evening I managed to cram in a trip to the Glasgow Women’s Library to see Artemisia Gentileschi’s Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria, which is on display at the GWL until Monday as part of a national tour. I’m not really a big fan of 16th century Italian art but I was interested by this one, particularly reading the information boards beside it. Anabel Marsh wrote a post about it, if you want to find out more and can’t get down to GWL. There was a pleasant bustle of people at the GWL, which was nice to see. Also beside the Artemisia was a display called Decoding Inequalities, which was insightful in quite a lot of ways, featuring objects and printed material from the GWL’s collections to try and understand inequality in our society.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today. Tomorrow’s post will be another Streets of Glasgow, this time Jamaica Street. On Wednesday will be Loose Ends. Beyond that, who knows? I think I need to get some adventures undertaken. Whatever you end up doing, have a good weekend.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: 16th March 2019

  1. Enjoy your Saturday. I would love to see the Artemisia Gentileschi painting – I need to keep my eyes out for its arrival somewhere more local.
    600 posts is an amazing milestone – congratulations, and looking forward to reading it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I believe it is going to various places around the UK so hopefully it will be somewhere in your part of the world. As for post 600, I still need to think of something to do first!

      Liked by 1 person

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