Streets of Glasgow: Jamaica Street


A quick Streets of Glasgow walk before a train somewhere else and I chose Jamaica Street because of its proximity to Central Station. I came out of Central, under the arches and as I came to the four corners, the sun was in my eyes. It was a busy Friday lunchtime and folk were bustling around. The doorways were full of people getting a fly cigarette. Surprisingly there was no disembodied voice coming from the bingo, a bored monotone giving out numbers usually emanating forth. I hadn’t noticed before that the Crystal Palace Wetherspoon pub had once been known as Gardners’ Warehouse, built in 1855 for storage, one of the earliest prefabricated buildings, built in the style of the Crystal Palace in London. MacSorley’s across the way had some cool drawings of the city skyline in the window, drawn in white on a black background, certainly more interesting than the posters by Richer Sounds advertising Netflix. The walk came to an end and I turned along the Clyde for a minute, the walk instantly forgotten and doubts as to what could be written about it, those soon dispelled as I sat down to scribble.

Thanks for reading. This is the fifty seventh Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. Nearby streets featured in this series before include Oswald Street, Union Street and Mitchell Street. The Intercity series also featured the Broomielaw, which is also close to Jamaica Street.

This street is one of many in Glasgow which has a name linked with slavery.

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