Saturday Saunter: 23rd March 2019

Good morning to you,

The hardest bit of writing is very often getting started. I’ve had a few first sentences fly across the screen then swiftly deleted with some judicious key presses. The Saunter is a blank page so it is harder than writing about a walk or a visit somewhere. Sometimes I can do it no bother. The beginning comes then paragraph follows paragraph until it naturally winds down. Other times it can be a bit of a grind and just getting words down is an achievement. This is one of those. We’ll persevere.

This is being written on Wednesday night since I am working on Saturday. It’s been a busy week but it began with a few adventures. Last Saturday I was at the football. Hibs won. On Sunday I roved around Glasgow, managing a couple of decent wanders plus a few minutes at Cathkin Park, one of my favourite places on the earth. A few parts of Sunday will appear here at some point, including two of the best Streets of Glasgow walks in that series so far. Monday was another day around Glasgow with a friend and we went to the Women’s Library to see the Artemisia Gentileschi painting and then to the House for an Art Lover. They have fabulous scones. White chocolate and raspberry. Thoroughly tidy. The Margaret Tait exhibition at GoMA is also worth a look and I’ll be heading back soon. It was a great weekend.

St. Vincent Street

Sunday’s Streets walks involved St. Vincent Street and Argyle Street, two major streets in this city and very high up the list of choices for the series. Argyle Street might be my favourite walk so far being very varied in terms of architecture, people and everything else. It had street art and pigeons, globes and gantries. St. Vincent Street was also very cool, particularly the bit from Buchanan Street to the motorway.

On the topic of the blog I’ve decided that the 600th post will be a Loose Ends adventure though at this point I’m not sure what that will be. I have to find a connection from the last one I did, which involved a favourite painting. It might be a very big day trip. We’ll see.

Cathkin Park

Cathkin Park was braw, as ever. For the uninitiated, Cathkin Park used to be the home of Third Lanark, a football team here in Glasgow until they went out of business in 1967. Cathkin’s terracing has been reclaimed by nature though recent work has cleared away some of the weeds and moss. It is near where I used to work and I don’t get over as often as I used to. It is a spiritual place, often quiet and a little eerie, summoning up memories and imaginings of past games. I stood for a little while behind a green and white post then walked around the perimeter of the pitch. Then I walked across the pitch, its condition not much worse than the dry Easter Road pitch I had seen the day before. Not for the first time I relived a game held at the third Hampden across the way about three years ago. The second Hampden was just where I needed to be.

Central Station

Earlier tonight I stood in the main concourse at Glasgow Central station waiting for my platform to come up on the board. I do that fairly often though rather than scrolling through my phone I ended up peoplewatching, wondering where people were going, appreciating the variety of the never ending stream of folk heading past. Central is currently starring in a documentary on the BBC Scotland channel, the station building and its staff, of course. It is strange seeing a familiar place on the telly but even stranger to be in that familiar place after seeing it on the box. I do love Central, the busiest railway station in Scotland (11th in the UK) and undoubtedly the finest.

That is us for today. Tomorrow’s post will be another instalment of Streets of Glasgow, this time in the Merchant City. Wednesday will be Loose Ends and that’s also in Glasgow. Next Sunday is the March digest. Anyway, have a very nice weekend. Cheers just now.


12 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: 23rd March 2019

  1. Alli Templeton

    I completely identify with you when it comes to the most scary part of writing being actually getting started. There’s nothing more intimidating than a blank screen staring at you. Still, you seem to have done well, and I enjoyed reading today’s Saturday Saunter. As you say, St Vincent Street looks as though it’s got some amazing architecture, as has the rest of the city. Even the Central Station looks a beautiful building. Looking forward to your 600th post, and enjoy the Loose Ends adventure! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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  2. Cathkin Park is a strange and intriguing place. I wondered whether, with the talk of selling Hampden, it would be worth Queens park taking over the old ground and Scotland national team playing around the country. I think this is because of my dislike of Hampden (that running track) although there is something quite surreal about watching Queens Park and 600 fans in a stadium for 50,000-odd.

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    1. I agree with every word of that! I’ve watched QP play at Hampden and it is deeply odd. Hopefully if they go to Lesser, or even Cathkin, they can make it work.


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