Streets of Glasgow: Wilson Street

This walk continued right after a fortnight ago’s Bell Street instalment of Streets of Glasgow. I was in the Merchant City killing time and plucking up the courage to go to an event in the area. I stood in the shadow of the badminton mural and decided to head along Wilson Street. The badminton mural – put up for the 2014 Commonwealth Games –  sat before an empty plot, encased by a fence with letters spelling out Candleriggs Square. On the right were modern housing developments. I passed a lamppost with stickers advertising Country Boy Brewing, with a pick-up truck in the centre, and the Hanseatic Football Tradition with floodlights. These stickers appear all over the place, often near football grounds, and I like spotting them. I stood under the badminton mural a moment, five years’ Glasgow weather having weathered it nicely.

A pub called the Citation stood in an old court building, Greco-Roman with pillars, flourishes and scenes along the bottom. Strings of clear lights lined the pillars, spotlights getting more effective as the light slowly drained from the sky.

I came further along and realised that I was coming towards Virginia Street, which I have covered in this series before, and also the Polo Lounge, which I was in a few weeks ago in a taste from someone else’s life. The Polo Lounge was in a very handsome red building with columns and arches outside and topped by a grey cupola. A rainbow flag flew outside the door. A blue Police box stood nearby, selling coffee into the evening. For no reason I could fathom a bell or a metal buoy sat on the corner of Wilson Street and Virginia Street, a fitting end for a walk that grew more interesting and beguiling by the end.

Thank you for reading. This is the fifty ninth Streets of Glasgow walk from Walking Talking. Quite a few nearby streets have featured in this series, including Bell Street, Glassford Street, Virginia Street, Ingram Street, Trongate and Miller Street.

In June 2020, an anonymous activist went round Glasgow city centre renaming streets named after folk linked with slavery. Wilson Street became Rosa Parks Street.

10 thoughts on “Streets of Glasgow: Wilson Street

  1. Alli Templeton

    Bit by bit and street by street I’m getting to know Glasgow through your posts, Kev. Wilson street seems another good one to investigate, although why there would be a metal bell on the floor at the end is a mystery! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some of the Glasgow murals and street art you’ve photographed recently is stunning. I can hardly believe the Glasgow Commonwealth Games was 5 years ago! (Incidentally, the only event I attended was one of the badminton tournaments with my Dad)


    1. That’s random! I was on holiday when it started and was working all the way through so it passed me by a bit.

      Luckily the city provides great things to write about and take photos of too!

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    1. Good to know! Citation is in a handsome building but didn’t care to look at the menu, which is perhaps just as well. I have a hard enough time not tripping over without big bells in the middle of the street, to be honest.


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