Saturday Saunter: 27th April 2019

The view from Queen’s Park, last Friday

Good Saturday,

Not sure what I’ll be doing when this is posted but it’s Saturday so I’ll be somewhere. Tomorrow I’m off to Easter Road to see the Hibees play Hearts which will be another early rise. Afterwards I’m going to find somewhere nice to walk. Hopefully it won’t be as warm as last Sunday when Portobello was absolutely hoaching with people.

This week I’ve been thinking about nuance. This was after last week’s Saturday Saunter post in which I mentioned reading a book about transgender issues. We live in a world of instant reactions where perspective and taking a broader view just seems to have gone. Social media isn’t wholly the cause of the problem. Naturally enough it is broader than that. While I read a lot online, I think that it is worth taking the time to read more widely around things. I don’t pretend to know much about anything. It’s why I prefer to count to 100 before venturing an opinion on a lot of things in society. There is usually an explanation behind the headlines. Maybe social media needs a ‘count to 100’ button. Certainly a story needs more than 140 characters to be told.

Anyway, rant over. This week I’ve been reading State of Play: Under the Skin of the Modern Game by Michael Calvin, an excellent book about the people in football. I was reading the chapter about Jeff Astle and the many footballers who have ended up with dementia the night before it was announced that former Celtic player and manager Billy McNeill had died at the age of 79. Billy MacNeill was an important figure in the Scottish game and it was touching to read the tribute from John Greig, for a long time captain and then manager of Rangers, which was filled with genuine warmth and affection. they could be opponents but friends too. In these times, we could do a lot worse than respect the rivalry, beginning tomorrow at Easter Road and in a couple of weeks when the Gruesome Twosome play again.

I’m getting on my high horse a bit today.

Sometimes I get songs in my head which I have to listen to. A few days of one and onto the next. Last week it was ‘Miracle’ by Chvrches, a Scottish electronic band, and today it’s been that and the completely different ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones. ‘Miracle’ was probably a bit appropriate as personally last week was busy (but successful) while Tom Jones is generally more jaunty. There’s quite a good version of ‘Miracle’ on YouTube, incidentally, featuring Chvrches and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, produced to hansel the new BBC Scotland TV channel.

Right, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today. Loose Ends returns tomorrow (it’s a castle) and the April digest is on Wednesday. Have a nice weekend. Cheers the now.

Postscript: After typing up this post, I watched back the funeral service of journalist Lyra McKee, killed in Derry last week. The coverage of the service tended to mention the prominent politicians present rather than the awesome person Lyra McKee clearly was and the difference she made in an all too brief time. Watch it if you can. And her TED talk too.


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