Digest: April 2019

So, it’s the April digest. It’s been a busy month, dominated by work and life. I have been able to rove a bit, mostly in the east but a wee bit to the west of the country too.

On Thursday 3rd April, Hibs were playing Kilmarnock. The game was dismal. I had a good walk in Edinburgh beforehand, including up East Claremont Street, a long street leading through the New Town from near enough Broughton Street towards Pilrig.

That Sunday I went to Dirleton Castle. The bus took me to Dirleton and I had a good wander around the castle, despite the haar. As much as I love the castle, the bus journey was just brilliant.

The following Tuesday saw me walk into Paisley on the way home. I stopped off at the Marjory Bruce cairn, which I wrote about for Loose Ends.

On Saturday 13th April, I scaled back my day trip plans, spending much of the time in transit. I stopped in Dunfermline for lunch then headed to Edinburgh for a walk up Calton Hill, enjoying the views in the sunshine.

That Wednesday I had the opportunity to have a walk in Paisley and stopped off to look at the demolition of the old Half-Time School on Maxwellton Street, once housing a school for mill workers. In front of the rubble were remnants of the fine structure that once stood there, ruined by fire about 20 years ago.

Friday 19th April was Good Friday and I was off. Also, it was sunny and hot. I took myself off to Milngavie, a place I had never been before, and walked around its very fine reservoirs, doing a bit of blogging along the way which will appear here in the next few weeks. The Craigmaddie Gauge Basin is wonderful. After Milngavie, I headed next to Bearsden to its Roman bathhouse, part of the Antonine Wall and a place I had wanted to visit for ages. I wandered along its walls and sat under a tree to scribble. From there I went to Govanhill for a visit to Category Is Books, which I had never been to before, and then to Queen’s Park and for a psychogeographic meander around the south side. I was knackered after.

Sunday 21st April saw Hibs play Celtic. Ofir Marciano, what a man. It was hot and after the match I walked around Edinburgh a bit, eventually sitting down with a book in Lochend Park.

On Saturday 27th April, I went on a bus to Kirkcaldy and spent a wee while wandering around my favourite art gallery.

The following day Hibs were playing Hearts in the Edinburgh derby. Before the game, I stood on Calton Hill for a bit with my thoughts. After, I went to the Botanics and sat under my favourite trees, the sequoias.

Anyway, that’s the April digest. Thanks very much to all readers, commenters and followers. The Saturday Saunter is up next on Saturday and on Sunday is due to be Loose Ends. Have a very nice May. Peace.

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6 thoughts on “Digest: April 2019

  1. Alli Templeton

    Goodness, you do manage to get through a lot in a month, Kev! I’ve always wanted to see the Antonine wall, only spending time at Hadrian’s so far, which I do love – especially the sycamore gap. And you do have some gorgeous scenery up there – love the pics. Well done for another busy month. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very much. The Antonine Wall isn’t as elaborate as Hadrian’s Wall but it has its interesting points. I like Housesteads down at Hadrian’s Wall. It has a great view north over the Debatable Lands.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alli Templeton

        I’ve seen the Antonine on the TV, but it’d be nice to see it for real. Housesteads and its views are, indeed lovely, and I like Chesters fort as well – it’s another pretty comprehensive one. Although I have to say one thing I’d love to do one day is to take a bottle of wine up to the Sycamore Gap one summer’s evening and drink it looking out over the scenery. I remember sitting on the roots of the majestic tree with my feet up on the wall one afternoon – it was heavenly. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have driven past the Marjory Bruce Cairn at least once a week for almost 25 years (since my parents moved to Paisley) and never once stopped! I keep meaning to and will some day. You got me to the May Donoghue memorial which will appear on the blog eventually, maybe I need to stop at Marjory to pair with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should. It might only take a couple of minutes out of your day but it’s an interesting story.

      The Loose Ends post I wrote about it is out on Sunday.

      Looking forward to hearing what you thought of the May Donoghue sculpture.

      Liked by 1 person

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