Street art of Glasgow

Welcome to the Thursday experiment post. Originally I was going to put out a post about a Railwalk I took through the north of Edinburgh a few weeks ago. Instead that will come out next week and I’m going with this instead.

This blog is mainly about the words for me with the photos just an added bonus. The photos came as a suggestion from an early reader and so it went. Recently I had a comment on one of the Streets of Glasgow posts about the beautiful street art in the city and I decided to put together this, a post compiling some of the best examples I’ve come across. The photos below were selected in pretty much chronological order from my phone’s camera roll, beginning with a few which haven’t appeared here yet, from the Streets of Glasgow walks on West Graham Street and Great Western Road. A few of the murals in the Merchant City were by Snug and they are brilliant. There are examples of architecture and sculpture in here too. Enjoy.

A sideways glance photographs on West Graham Street
Graffiti on the side of the motorway, Great Western Road. Life is life, indeed. It put me in mind of a 1980s song.
Colourful bollards on Great Western Road. There are a few of these around this part of GWR. They might have been designed by a local school. I like them regardless.
A doorway on Sinclair Drive
Mural featuring swimmers and divers at the end of the Broomielaw for the Intercity Glasgow post. There are a few of these under the Kingston Bridge, including at the other side in Tradeston.
Mural on Ingram Street in the Merchant City with boots and mushrooms. Urban wildlife right enough.
St. Mungo being nursed by his mum, St. Enoch, from George Street
Mural promoting renewable energy on George Street, on the side of Strathclyde University
More scientific murals on the side of Strathclyde University on George Street
Yep, another scientific mural on George Street
The Glasgow Women’s Library – this is the exterior of the lift shaft of their magnificent building showing book titles and quotes from works of literature featuring women at their heart
Mural on Paisley Road West featuring the south Glasgow skyline
Mural on Copland Road, near Ibrox Subway, taken the day I walked the route of the Subway
A beautiful drawing on the corner of Jamaica Street and Clyde Street, also from the Subway walk between St. Enoch and Bridge Street
Drawing from the underpass by Cowcaddens Subway, from the Subway walk
Some city skyline detail from a mural by Firhill, Partick Thistle’s ground
Gorbals Vampire mural, which is still there as of late May 2019
One of the Billy Connolly murals in the city centre. My favourite of them, by Jack Vettriano, of Billy Connolly on Caithness cliffs
A Snug mural of St. Mungo again, this time an older man with a robin on his finger
Sculptures on Cumberland Street by Liz Peden featuring three boys trying on heels, based on an Oscar Marzaroli photograph

So, that’s a wee selection of some of the cool public art of Glasgow seen through this blog in the last couple of years. There is a lot more but the best way to find it isn’t through the Internet. It’s by exploring and getting out there. Street art can be found in every town up and down the land, from a graffiti can, paint or sculpture. Have a walk and see what you find.

This post features images from quite a few posts from the blog, including Streets of Glasgow: Sinclair DriveIntercity: GlasgowStreets of Glasgow: Ingram StreetGeorge Street muralStreets of Glasgow: George StreetLoose Ends: Glasgow Women’s LibraryStreets of Glasgow: Paisley Road WestSubway Surface: St. Enoch-Kinning ParkSubway Surface: Kinning Park-GovanSubway Surface: St. George’s Cross-St. EnochStreets of Glasgow: Firhill RoadStreets of Glasgow: Cumberland StreetStreets of Glasgow: High Street and Sir Billy.

11 thoughts on “Street art of Glasgow

  1. The Snug murals are always breathtaking – some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen.

    Also, when did the Gorbals Vampire mural disappear?! When I come back to Glasgow, I often stay in the hotel beside it, and I’ll be very sorry not to see it when I’m next there!

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  2. Alli Templeton

    Wow, Kev, you have some mega talent up there! Thanks for this, what a great tour of Glasgow street art. I’d never heard of Snug before but boy is he talented. His murals are phenomenal! And there’s all kinds of art, everything from the colourful bollards to floor drawings and the sculptures of boys – your city has it all! So much great work, it must feel as though you’re walking round a gallery in Glasgow. I’m really glad I got a chance to sample some of it from way down south. Thanks for sharing this, Kev. I’ve really enjoyed it. 🙂

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    1. The Paisley Road West one is one of my favourites. I pass it at least once a week and it really draws your eye. As for the vampire, maybe I wasn’t looking properly. I will double check to be sure.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Gorbals Vampire is rather fine. I reacquainted myself with it on Monday. St Mungo’s story is quite interesting and the Snug murals do tell it well. Glasgow is a bit of an overload so repeat visits are always encouraged!

      Liked by 1 person

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