Streets of Glasgow: Cowcaddens Road

I was on the bus into Glasgow with plans percolating of what to do on a sunny May afternoon. Should I take a train or perhaps another bus? As I came into the bus station, I decided to do some Streets of Glasgow. Right behind the bus station is Cowcaddens Road, so I headed straight for it and began. Immediately on the right was the campus of Glasgow Caledonian University, one of three universities in the city, with a motto the leftie in me liked: ‘University for the Common Good’. I passed the back of the bus station, which was surprisingly overgrown with trees and grass, not at all a bad thing in the heart of the city, just a wee bit unusual. On the pavement were stickers pointing towards a new student housing development up the road. I came to the junction with West Nile Street and Port Dundas Street and proceeded across the road. A modern development carried colourful cladding, a design business based on the ground floor – Atalanta – reminded me of watching Football Italia on childhood Sunday afternoons. To my left was the back of the Herald offices and those of Tesco Bank. Tesco Bank carried frankly quite strident slogans until I realised they were promoting the Race for Life.

I came past the back of the Theatre Royal, a fine modern building with glass panels jutting out, and looked towards the Piping Centre, unusually silent. The tall flats dominated the landscape and another mighty road ran below. An underpass took me towards the end of the walk, perhaps not the most inspiring Streets walk but interesting to ponder how different this street might have looked in years past if not for town planners.

Thanks for reading. This is the sixty fifth Streets of Glasgow walk here on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets featured in this series include Buccleuch Street, West Graham Street (which features next week), Killermont Street, Hope Street and West Nile Street.

This post is part of a series. Links to every part of the Streets of Glasgow series appear on the Streets of Glasgow page.

9 thoughts on “Streets of Glasgow: Cowcaddens Road

  1. Alli Templeton

    Now that’s a name and a half for a street, Kev! It sounds as though it could be historical, and as you say, it would be lovely to see how it used to be. That’s how I think of so many places. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Alli Templeton

        Like London, I suppose. That was originally a load of smaller places that all merged together. Glad Cowcaddens kept its name though. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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