Loose Ends: Bearsden Bathhouse

Bearsden Bathhouse linked quite neatly with Craigmaddie Gauge Basin through water but also they’re nearby. I got the train the couple of miles to Bearsden and I managed to go the wrong way twice trying to find my destination. I came to Roman Road and soon reached a very loud gate. A brown tourist sign pointed over the wall to the remains of a Roman bathhouse, part of the fort on the Antonine Wall built and ultimately abandoned in the second century AD. The walls and traces of the structure sat between different strands of a c.1960s housing development, the Historic Scotlandness of the place with its plaques and interpretation boards so incongruous in a modern setting. I wandered about imagining the life of the soldiers and then sat down under a tree to scribble. I had been meaning to come to this place for years, since I was at school, and it didn’t disappoint, conveying a lot with not a lot.

I knew what the next connection should be. I just had to find a link first. Anywhere on the Antonine Wall would do or even a museum with a Roman collection. The best I could manage is that I could see one of those museums from the next destination, which I was just about to head for.

Thanks for reading. The last of the current iteration of Loose Ends follows next week.

This post is part of a series. Links to all of the Loose Ends adventures can be found on the Loose Ends page.

5 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Bearsden Bathhouse

  1. Yes, it’s a weird thing to come across in the middle of Bearsden houses! And an old people’s home across the road I think too. We walked along the canal to Lambhill Stables and Possil Loch this afternoon. There are various info boards about the Romans in the Stables’ Gardens now which I don’t remember being there before.

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    1. Indeed. The home has a suitably Roman name if memory serves. I haven’t been to Lambhill Stables or Possil Loch but will definitely add them to the list!


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