Loose Ends: Queen’s Park

I didn’t expect to get to Queen’s Park so soon. I had various ideas, different routes, some even sketched out on paper, but I wanted to pause looking out on a synoptic view, like at Calton Hill last year. From the flagpole at Queen’s Park it is possible to see far across Glasgow, including to the University of Glasgow, which holds a collection about the Antonine Wall. At one time it would have been possible to see the wall stretch across Scotland from the Clyde to the Forth. I walked up from Victoria Road and the park was busy with people in the warm sunshine, playing, sunbathing, whatever. Glasgow was in holiday mode and it was great to see. As I sat under the flagpole I heard many voices and many conversations.  My focus was just to observe and to write. I felt relief. Loose Ends is great to write but it gets exhausting after a while. This iteration started at Calton Hill and went up and down the country from Inverness to Berwickshire and quite a few other places in between. I knew I wanted to pause here; it was just making it happen.

It was quieter on the motorway, only a few cars coursing along the horizon. Everybody and their granny seemed to be in the park, probably far better for the planet in the long run. I could still hear cars but birdsong too. I was glad to be able to look at the best view in Glasgow in a sweep from the Campsies to the Cathkin Braes, Ben Lomond and so many prominent landmarks. Cranes showed renewal. The old and new Glasgow could be seen, the names often the only link. I’ve been there in heat and hellish cold, on the 21st of May 2016 after the Hibs went up to lift the Scottish Cup, and on many other days. Every time the view’s always a bit different. I like that.

As for the next connection, that will be a few months away, once I’ve caught my breath, but it will start from Queen’s Park, high above the city before going down amongst it. In the sunshine it just felt right to be there, gathering up loose ends then scattering them and onto the next.

Thanks for reading. Loose Ends does indeed pause now but there will be something different here next week. In the meantime, there are a grand total of 42 other posts in this series, accessible through the Loose Ends page.

10 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Queen’s Park

  1. Alli Templeton

    I would have loved to see that Antonine wall stretching out across that expanse of land. I bet it was very imposing. Sounds like a lovely time you spent in Queens Park. 🙂

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    1. It’s grey and cloudy here at the moment though the rain seems to have been with us for a while. I could do with some sunshine even though the pollen and hay fever comes with it!

      Liked by 1 person

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