Streets of Glasgow: Prince Albert Road

Another unplanned Streets of Glasgow walk, chosen because of its proximity to Clarence Drive and its interesting name, one part a link to Victoria Road covered in this series and the other because I’m juvenile. I had neither seen or heard of the street before and as I walked I passed modern flats. A guy was shouting to his pal about just being back from spending the day in the sunshine in Helensburgh. Soon I was passing some very posh houses, most detached, many behind walls and gates. A few joggers passed. The cars that lined the street weren’t old either, most sleek, silver and modern. I had found a nice wee enclave, very leafy as so much of the West End is. Soon I reached a junction and this brief interlude ended, the city resuming with more traffic and more noise.

Thanks for reading. This is the sixty ninth Streets of Glasgow walk here on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets featured here include Clarence Drive and Byres Road.

This post is part of a series. Links to every part of the Streets of Glasgow series appear on the Streets of Glasgow page.

9 thoughts on “Streets of Glasgow: Prince Albert Road

  1. Alli Templeton

    So you’ve discovered a new street in Glasgow? I didn’t think that was possible with your in-depth knowledge, Kev! 🙂 It certainly does look an upmarket, leafy enclave. It must have been very pleasant to stroll along.

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  2. Juvenile? Can’t think what you mean 😀.

    I walked along part of this street on my way home tonight. It also used to be the site of the occasional scary driving encounter with cars coming the other way (who’s going to have to reverse?) but as part of the recent parking restrictions they’ve also done some sensible things about one way systems so that’s a thing of the past.

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