Saturday Saunter: Sunshine out my window

Hey, hey, it’s Saturday Saunter time,

I am starting this on Thursday morning. I work late on a Thursday and I couldn’t think of anything to write about last night plus I was tired. It is set to be very warm today, perhaps a bit cooler than in France, and already at c. 9am, it is sunny and everything has a light tinge. I don’t do well in the heat so I may need to tread carefully outside to avoid becoming even more of a hot, sticky mess than usual.

On Saturday night, after going to a wedding in East Lothian, I stayed in Portobello, which is a seaside suburb of Edinburgh. We got back fairly late and I went along to the shop for a bottle of juice. I looked down a street and the last light over the beach and the Forth was glorious.

It was cloudier on the Sunday morning. I woke up fairly early and took advantage of my surroundings to go for a walk. Armed with a notebook and some apples, I walked down along the Prom at Porty and along as far as Fisherrow Harbour. I wasn’t alone. There were a right few runners, rowers out in the Forth, walkers, families and lone folk just sauntering like me. It was joyful just to turn out of bed, get dressed and just be by the sea. The sea was calm and it wasn’t cold as I walked. The views were familiar since I know Porty and East Lothian well but they were reassuring, part of the wallpaper as I just tried to be in the moment. I had a great day trip later in the day with my friend to North Berwick where it was sunny and warm, though the cloudy morning walk did me a fair bit of good too.

On Thursday, in an hour or two’s time as I write this, I posted about Smailholm Tower, which is in the Borders, a part of Scotland I don’t know so far. I read a Facebook post recently by someone I know who had been in another part of the country I don’t know so well. Angus is the bit of Scotland between Dundee and Aberdeen. It was the centre of Pictland and has a fair few diverse, independent towns. I know it a little bit and I’ve been to Barry Mill and Arbroath Abbey. Two of the places that have long been on my to-do list are in Angus, Edzell Castle and the House of Dun. Edzell is a ruined castle with quite nice gardens, while the House of Dun is a big hoose near Montrose which I’m interested about mainly for its setting at the far end of Montrose Basin. Passing through Montrose is always nice because of the view across the Basin and over to the hills. Randomly I will be in Angus briefly on Wednesday but won’t have time to sightsee as I’ll be at the football. Maybe later in the year, maybe when I’m off at the end of July/beginning with August, I can take a trip up there and tick one or two places off the list.

Anyway, it’s the weekend. I’m working today and tomorrow I might end up on a bus or a train somewhere. On the blog tomorrow is an Intercity post from Glasgow while the June digest is on Wednesday. Have a very nice weekend. Peace.


13 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: Sunshine out my window

  1. I’ve been to Edzell Castle, I think on the way to Aberdeen to get the ferry to Shetland, but not House of Dun. I don’t know the area that well either. By the way, seeing Wednesday’s Child above – I was one of the guides on a women’s history walk today and Natalie was on it! Neither of us knew in advance that was going to happen.

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    1. That’s brilliantly random! I’m sure you had loads to talk about. I hope you managed to avoid the thunder and lightning earlier on your walk too.


      1. Obviously I knew she was in Glasgow after this morning on Twitter, but was very surprised when she approached me and said I know who you are! We had a couple of chats, and got a photo together (her husband took it) so I shall amend my gallivanting post which is due on Monday to include it. We did get caught in the storm at one point, but it wasn’t too bad.

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  2. Alli Templeton

    I’m exactly the same in as you in the heat, Kev. I can’t stand it. Saturday was a nightmare. It was so hot we shot off for the day to Savernake Forest in Wiltshire, as it’s a big forest and it’s always cooler in woodland. Thank goodness. Looking forward to hearing about your visit to Edzell Castle – I hope you do get up there soon. 🙂

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