Intercity: Glasgow II

Probably the latest walk I’ve ever done for this blog, almost 10pm on a June Sunday night as I killed time before my train home. I had to think of a street I could cover for Intercity that I hadn’t written about before. St. Vincent Place was the choice, near the stations and at the heart of the city centre. There were still a few folk going about and I heard a homeless person talking and the squeak of a rubber duck. A cyclist led an advert for a bathroom showroom on a trailer. Why would anyone out in Glasgow at 10pm on a Sunday night be looking for a new bathroom? There was an European feel with trees, restaurants and offices, the buildings twinkling and the eateries and pubs full even late on. The homeless person was giving directions to passers-by.

Looking up was an advantage, the railings, finials and details worth the lingering. The walk was just about done when I saw an advert featuring a woman’s face with the legend ‘My Eyes Don’t Hold Me Back’. I thought it was about eye contact, something I struggle with, but on closer inspection it was advertising eye drops, hay fever an even worse affliction this time of year. With that thought, stood by a closed public toilet, the walk was done, a mere 2-3 minutes after it began by George Square, a few hundred feet away. It was an interesting walk and one that yielded far more on a closer look.

Thanks for reading. Another Intercity walk follows next week. George Square, St. Vincent Street, Buchanan Street and Queen Street have all featured in the Streets of Glasgow series here so have a read at those. Links to other posts in the Intercity series can be found at the Intercity page, including the first Glasgow post, about the Broomielaw.

4 thoughts on “Intercity: Glasgow II

  1. Alli Templeton

    An interesting angle on a city walk, Kev. Short and sweet, and clearly with lots to see. The poster looks effective. Maybe I should get some of those eye drops – my daughter has terrible hay fever at the moment! 🙂

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    1. I should have said, other brands are available! Hay fever is bad and I’ve been struggling with it over the last couple of weeks. According to the forecast tonight, though, the pollen count is much less than down south, which is a good thing for me if not your daughter.

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      1. Alli Templeton

        It’s always worse in June. I used to get it very badly when I was a kid, but I mostly grew out of it in the end. Maddie’s suffering though. Glad the count has dropped off up there for you anyway. Hopefully the same will happen here at some point.

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