Streets of Glasgow: Buccleuch Street

Just occasionally, I like to play with this blog’s readership. Not out of malice, more fun, knowing there will be some folk out there thinking ‘WTF is he playing at?’ This street was partly chosen with that very thought in mind. Buccleuch Street doesn’t sound real. I know it is, I covered it. There are other Buccleuch Streets in Scotland, including in Edinburgh by the University, but it’s one of those words that doesn’t look right. Naturally enough it isn’t pronounced the way it’s spelled either. ‘Ba-clew’ is how it is said. There is a Duke of Buccleuch, who is a senior nobleman in Scotland, who owns quite a lot of land in Scotland. He is also Duke of Queensberry, apparently, which is less fun to say.

It was also chosen because this is the 70th Streets of Glasgow post and the point where the series goes on hiatus. I wanted a street that began with a ‘B’ to follow on from Addison Road, the 35th post. Plus this series has never ventured into Garnethill, an interesting district to the north of Glasgow city centre, partly explained by the ‘hill’ part of its name and also because I hadn’t got round to it.

The street began around the corner by some parked cars. I had checked Google Maps, the ultimate arbiter, and thus I started there. The motorway roared to my left and I was glad to turn back towards the city, pausing by the Tenement House – a National Trust property featuring a restored tenement flat – which stands rather incongruously next to a modern housing block. I went to the Tenement House quite a few years ago when I didn’t live in the city and I remember not relating to the place very well. It might have been generational – I might have been barely in my twenties, maybe less – and maybe because I wasn’t Glaswegian, not then anyway.

There were a few beautiful buildings on the street, one an old school with a tree growing atop the porch. I was high enough in Garnethill to get some decent views, across Park Circus and towards the University. I had noticed it on the way to start but almost forgot to actually take the photograph. On the way there were a few walkers, including some people who were clearly art students, all colourful hair and curated fashion, not at all a bad thing. The walk was more utilitarian towards the end, a bit more city centre but that was fine. Glasgow is grand and functional at the same time, a place of students, incomers and people of long standing. Camille Pissaro, the Impressionist artist, wrote ‘Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing’. On this walk, as on sixty nine others in this series, I felt blessed. It was a nice end to this tranche of Streets of Glasgow, this first foray to Garnethill maybe a hint to future streets and explores. I certainly hope so.

Thanks for reading. This is indeed the seventieth Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets featured in this series include West Graham Street, Great Western Road and Cowcaddens Road.

Streets of Glasgow takes a pause at this point. Some discursive posts will appear here every Wednesday instead.

This post is part of a series. Links to every part of the Streets of Glasgow series appear on the Streets of Glasgow page.

16 thoughts on “Streets of Glasgow: Buccleuch Street

    1. Hopefully. I remember it being interesting. Like in most things, our perspectives and preconceptions affect how we see places we visit. I mean to explore Garnethill more anyway so I may end up back at the Tenement House.

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  1. Just lovely again, Kev. Was in Garnethill myself recently, 15-minute wander while I waited for a movie to start at the GFT. Long-standing Chinese community there too. Thank goodness for Rose Street when you have Buccleuch and Sauchiehall to deal with. Cheers

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  2. Alli Templeton

    Walking from the outside in: a fitting end to this streets series, and a great way to mark the 70th post. Well done on completing this round of city walks and giving us an insight into what Glasgow is made of. This one certainly has an interesting name, as does its Scottish noble namesake. I’m not sure I’d have got the pronunciation right! Maybe you should take another trip to the Tenement House one day, it may be quite different these days.

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  3. Great post and beautifully demonstrates the great enrichment from a city wander that has no specific purpose other than seeing new things. I try to do this whenever I am in UK cities such as Glasgow, London, Manchester. I write a very short daily blog and a lot of my material just comes from watching life existing around us!

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