Digest: July 2019

Welcome back and welcome to the July digest. This month had a fair bit of rain and sunshine, the two essential ingredients of the Scottish summer with a whole lot of cloud thrown in. I like clouds. I also saw a fair bit of football, some of it utterly dismal, and went to three new grounds in July. I also reached the finishing line and ended July on annual leave which stretched into early August.

On Wednesday 3rd July, I left work early and got a train to Arbroath to see the Hibs play a pre-season friendly. The football was secondary to the beautiful night it was played on, the light over the sea behind the ground worth the trip alone.

Saturday 6th July saw a trip to Dunfermline, again to watch Hibs. Steak bridies ahoy.

Tuesday 9th July was another sojourn for the football, this time international. I was in Carlisle, which counts. The game wasn’t wonderful but it was a bit of a hotchpotch ground architecturally, which was diverting in its way. The trip on the Pendolino there and back was great.

On Friday 12th July I escaped the city and went to Aberlady Bay where I sunbathed and relished the solitude of that amazing place. It started to rain soon after and continued through my visit to Prestongrange and doing a couple of walks back in Edinburgh. The sun was splitting the sky back in Glasgow.

Saturday 13th July was another Hibs day, this time in Stirling. I did an Intercity walk then had a few minutes in the brilliant Engine Shed, Scotland’s centre for building conservation. I need to go back and explore it more.

On Sunday 14th July, I spent the day with my auntie, exploring the Oor Wullie trail, or at least those around Glasgow. It was a beautiful day. My favourite was the one by the Finnieston Crane.

Saturday 20th July saw Hibs play Alloa. I sat before the game reading my book in Lochend Park.

The following Tuesday saw me back in Edinburgh to see Hibs. On the way to Easter Road, I stopped at London Road to look at the Eduardo Paolozzi sculptures currently placed there due to nearby roadworks. There’s a post about them next Wednesday.

On Monday 29th July I went on an odyssey by bus, visiting Dunfermline, Dundee and St. Andrews. I was partly on Intercity business and partly just out in the world. In Dundee I went to the V and A and the biggest benefit was sitting on the stairs writing notes and peoplewatching. St. Andrews had an incredibly braw (but dear) fish supper and Dunfermline an unexpectedly nice Intercity walk furth of the Palace.

Tuesday 30th July saw a lie-in then heading to the capital to see Hibs get beat by Newcastle in a pre-season friendly. The rain pre-match was wild, with incredible reverberations on the East Stand roof.

On Wednesday 31st July, I went to Dunbar, where I grew up. While there I walked out to the John Muir Country Park then back around the Prom and around the harbours. It did me a lot of good, washing my spirit clean in the process.

One post I particularly liked writing this month was the Saturday Saunter from 6th July, entitled Steps, love and good journalism. It covered a lot of topics which interest and inspire me and was probably the best thing I’ve written in a while.

That’s the July digest. An Intercity post appears on Sunday and the Saturday Saunter on Saturday, naturally enough. I’m going back to three posts a week, which is enough to keep this fun. August marks the fourth anniversary of the Walking Talking blog so I will have to mark it in some way. Hope this finds you all well, thanks as ever to all readers, commenters and followers. Have a good month.

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8 thoughts on “Digest: July 2019

  1. I’m still finding Oor Wullies about the place that I haven’t bagged yet.

    We had lunch in Dunbar last week – we didn’t mean to go there, we were intending to walk part of the Berwickshire coastal path, but it rained in the morning so we visited Dunglass and Cockburnspath then dropped into Dunbar. John was attacked by the most vicious seagull ever within minutes and has the scab on his head to prove it! We were just crossing the road from the car, had no food with us and no other obvious provocation. They breed ‘em tough in Dunbar.

    The weather cleared up so we did the walk in the afternoon. Sunshine and showers again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They certainly do breed them tough in Dunbar! That’s a shame, though. The seagulls in St. Andrews are particularly blatant too, though not causing scabs as far as I’m aware. I believe you are supposed to stare at them and they’ll go away.

      Hope you enjoyed your Berwickshire walk. It is one of the nicest parts of the country.


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