Intercity: St. Andrews

The last Intercity walk of the day and it was St. Andrews. I decided to get the walk done before I went to get something for my tea. There were a few contenders in St. Andrews. I decided to do the walk I do if I’m just out for a hurl, through the grounds of the Cathedral then up the Scores, ending at the Martyr’s Monument. This being the east coast there was a haar (sea mist) though it wasn’t completely all-enveloping. Enough to deal with though the sun was trying to break through and it being July it was still a bit warm. The Cathedral tower was peeking through the mist and down below in the churchyard it was busy with tourists.

As I came towards the Castle there were proper seaside flowers, hardy, perennials that won’t grace the Chelsea Flower Show any time soon. The Castle always looks the part and there were a few folk still dotting around its grounds. Across the road some of the houses were covered in foliage, a sure sign of poshness that led me to whistle the Red Flag for much of the walk, for once the slower, traditional version rather than the jazzier Billy Bragg one. I passed grand Oxbridge-esque University buildings mixed with newer constructions. I was reminded that I was once advised to study Logic and Metaphysics. I’ve never been sure exactly why. It was a school teacher years ago. I’ve always thought philosophy has absolutely no use to the actual world. This thought carried me all the way down to the Martyr’s Monument, subject of a Loose Ends post earlier in the year, and there was a very seaside smell down there, either fish or bird shit. Probably the former since there were quite a few seagulls down there, especially later as I tried to eat my chippy. Strangely some Japanese folk were taking photos of the seagulls. Do they have seagulls in Japan? With that the Intercity walk ended, enough town and gown for one day.

Thanks for reading. Another Intercity walk follows next week. The Intercity page has links to other posts in the series.

8 thoughts on “Intercity: St. Andrews

  1. Alli Templeton

    A great look at St Andrews, an area I know not at all. I love the pictures too – very atmospheric and haunting. I’d love to visit the castle one day – especially as it looks the part!

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    1. St. Andrews Castle is nice. Not as substantial as other castles I’ve been to but it has an incredible history linked to the Reformation. Plus it has a mine and countermine you can actually go into.

      I follow a blog which reviews beaches, which is excellent and I recommend Alison’s blog, but there should really be one that reviews castles as its sole purpose.

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      1. Alli Templeton

        Thanks for the recommendation, Kev. I’d love to see St Andrews Castle with it’s rich history, and especially if you can actually go into the mines! I haven’t heard of that before.

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