Loose Ends: Queen’s Park, again

Loose Ends paused on Good Friday in the warm sunshine in Queen’s Park. Under the flagpole I stopped, a little relieved and tired after a long day gallivanting. I returned one August Sunday afternoon, the day cloudy with a hint of blue sky, and it was much quieter, some couples and families about but mostly I had the flagpole to myself, with space to properly survey the city before me. That suited my reflective mood that particular day. I was content to think but more just to look. The hills in the distance were a summery pale green, thistles and nettles swayed in the breeze while rainclouds gathered over the East End. Behind me bairns asked their dad, ‘What’s that for?’, while he asked them ‘how many of these can you spot?’ A board stood pointing out the various landmarks, hills and church spires that could be seen from this place. I was often alone while I was there and there was little noise beyond the swaying wind, mostly cars, a few knocks and bangs in the distance.

With the start of a new series comes new connections and I had a few thoughts, mostly based on what I could see. Queen’s Park is also a local football team and they play, for the moment at least, at Hampden. I could have gone to the Mackintosh Church at Queen’s Cross in Maryhill, keeping up the Queen theme, or Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, beside one of the monarch’s hooses. A few churches dotted the horizon, the nearest with a weathervane on the top that I had never noticed before. A little beyond stood the ruined Caledonia Road Church, a building I like and designed by another eminent Glaswegian architect, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. Where I went was decided by the time I left the hill but I stood a few minutes longer, just looking and thinking, at the top of Glasgow before going down into the city once more.

Thank you for reading. The previous Loose Ends Queen’s Park post can be found here. Links to the other parts of the Loose Ends series can be found on the Loose Ends page.

In case you missed it, last week’s Intercity post in Aberdeen is worth a read. It has sunshine, street art and social commentary and everything.

4 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Queen’s Park, again

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