Digest: September 2019

The September digest. Crikey. 2019 has gone very, very fast and we are careering into the tenth month already. Autumn is very much upon us, indeed it was upon us and August was barely over.

The month began with a day trip to Edinburgh. I hadn’t been to Edinburgh for pleasure for a while. Plus it was Old Firm day in Glasgow and I like to escape my home city when the Gruesome Twosome are in action. I walked down through the Meadows, Bruntsfield Links and then Morningside to the Hermitage of Braid, one of my favourite places. There seemed to be some sort of community event on nearer the Braid Road end so I plonked myself on a bench by Hermitage House and read for a bit. Then I wandered by some rocks and back into town through Marchmont. These will feature in Loose Ends in a few weeks time. I had a turn around the National Museum of Scotland, taking in the Body Beautiful exhibition, before going back to Glasgow.

Sunday 8th September saw me in Paisley for the day. I did a Loose Ends walk there too.

On Tuesday 10th September, I went to the cinema to see Blinded by the Light, a film based on the true story of journalist Sarfraz Manzoor who grew up in Luton in the late 1980s as a massive Bruce Springsteen fan. It was an autistic-friendly screening and it was good. I felt in the right place.

The following night Hibs were in the Champions League. It was the women’s team but I couldn’t resist Hibs in the Champions League so I went to my first women’s game and it was friendly and good, even though Hibs got beat by Slavia Praha.

That weekend I wasn’t feeling well so my next trip anywhere that wasn’t for work was on Friday 20th September and I went into the West End on a gloriously sunny day to wander and sit in the Botanics for a bit. I went zine shopping back in the town and walked along the side of the Clyde for the train home.

On Sunday 22nd September Hibs played Hearts. I was there. Hibs got beat.

Wednesday 25th September saw Hibs play Kilmarnock at Rugby Park. It went to penalties probably due to only two shots on target between the two sides over ninety minutes. I managed to navigate the short distance between the station and Rugby Park without recourse to Google Maps, doing the walk without thinking, perhaps suggesting I’ve been there too often in recent years.

The September weekend came and I first headed to Edinburgh to see Hibs draw with Celtic. I have a deep, deep loathing for the lesser greens and this game did little to improve that. After that, I hit the highway for a camping trip up to Lochaber, staying near Arisaig right by the sea. A whole lot of adventures ensued, including star gazing, ferries, viaducts, canals and trying to find food in Mallaig. Some of this will feature in posts over the coming weeks, including the Saturday Saunter this week and a post on Sunday.

So, that’s our September digest. October sees the start of a new OU module, about twelve days off for some more adventures and the usual busy time with work and life. The blog will generally have two posts a week, Wednesday Loose Ends and Saturday Saunter, but the next few weeks will see Sunday posts about my trip up to Lochaber. It’s all part of trying to find the right balance.

Thanks as ever to all readers, commenters and followers. Have a great October.

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9 thoughts on “Digest: September 2019

  1. Alli Templeton

    Exactly – where did September go? I always finds it rushes past as the start of studying approaches. Looks like you made the most of your September though. Best of luck with your course. I’m in reading week now – boning up about Wallace and Bruce. Fascinating history. Have a great October.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear it! The camping was surprisingly all right, especially with the views from our campsite. I’ll have to remember and write about the CalMac experience to Skye.


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