Saturday Saunter: Stars

Good Saturday,

This is being started on Tuesday night. It’s not quite 8 and now dark outside. The nights are fair drawing in. It is very autumnal now, the leaves orange, yellow and falling in many cases. The light is that bit more intense and the temperatures cooler, particularly in the morning. As this is posted, it will be about 8am and I will be setting off for work so it might just be bracing. Luckily I walk quite fast so I’ll soon warm up.

There are many things I don’t really understand. Most kinds of science, much of human interaction and why people go out in public with ripped jeans. These are just a few. The world is a complex place and as you grow older, it only gets more complex as you gather more experience to compare and comprehend it with. I find that what helps me keep a natural equilibrium is to be out in the world, in wild places or by the sea. Even a city river can do the job if it has to. I had a very nice weekend last weekend up in Lochaber, camping near Arisaig. It was magnificent in many, many ways and we crammed a lot into the time, including a whole lot of driving and seeing some amazing places. One of the finest experiences, though, was the night we arrived. We had driven up from Edinburgh and got to the campsite just as the sun was really setting, as shown above. After a spot of dinner in nearby Mallaig, we got back to our tent in the dark. It was a clear night and the sky was scattered with stars. I didn’t know the constellations, the planets, that passed over my head but I didn’t care. For a few minutes I stood with my head up, feeling very, very small in a much larger universe. Living in the big city, I miss seeing stars. The next night was a bit cloudier but I was glad just to be able to look and forget earthly concerns just a while.

The Lochaber adventure will feature in a couple of bonus posts on the blog in the next few weeks. I know I said I wasn’t going to post on Sundays any more but I’m going to ignore that for the next couple of weeks!

In other thoughts, I’m beginning to think about how I’m going to spend a longer period of time off I have towards the end of October. A visit to Dunbar will probably happen, maybe a day or two away too. I have a notion for a trip south to Durham or maybe Liverpool. I will probably entertain notions of reading loads and manage very little. One place I want to get to is the Tramway, here in Glasgow, which is currently hosting a cool-looking exhibition by Nick Cave. I’ve seen pictures of it on the news and Twitter and at some point before 24th November I’ll need to go down there. Another place I hope to reach is Summerlee, which has an exhibition about Albion Rovers FC, closing on 27th October, right at the end of my time off. As ever, I’ll need to fit in some time to chill, sleep and do boring life admin. Plus studying, of course.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 5th October 2019. I will be back tomorrow with a Lochaber post. Wednesday will see the return of Loose Ends and it is back in Glasgow. Thanks as ever to all readers, commenters and followers. Have a very nice weekend. Cheers the now.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: Stars

  1. Alli Templeton

    You’re not alone in feeling bemused about feeling bemused about so many things. The world is, indeed, a very – overly in my view – complex place and navigating one’s way through it does become more so as we age, and as society ‘evolves’, or perhaps that is too good a word for it. ‘Changes’ will do. I’m finding too as I get older that I crave the same kind of environment – the wild places, space and nature. And castles, of course. Sometimes I think one of the reasons I love the Middle Ages so much is because it’s so far from today and life was so different.

    Glad to hear you had such a special night under the stars. It does rather put things in perspective. Everyone should do that – it would help. Looking forward to reading about your Lochaber adventure. Have a great weekend, Kev.

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