Loose Ends: Blackford Hill Rocks

A layered rockface with a tree overhanging

As I was walking around the other side of Blackford Hill, I came to a sign pointing towards an old quarry. I climbed the steps and came to a sign pointing out the various layers of mostly igneous rock in front of me. The sign was gloriously nerdy, not at all dumbed down for scientific dunces like me. I had been reading about geology so some of it made sense. I knew enough to see that it was interesting, took some pictures and moved on. We don’t pay enough attention to how places have come to be. I know I don’t.

The Blackford Hill Rocks connect to the Agassiz Rock by geography, being at either side of Blackford Hill itself. As I walked on, I wasn’t at all sure what the next connection would be.

Thanks for reading. Another Loose Ends post follows next week. The Loose Ends page features more links from the series.

Here’s some bonus content since this post is a wee bit short. I am writing this a good couple of months after this particular adventure. I remember merely how unapologetically nerdy the interpretation board was and that’s undoubtedly a good thing. I know very little about geology but layers are important. In those layers can be found a past beyond the human. I don’t always understand science but I get enough that I am impressed by how we have got here, as much as acknowledging how precarious our existence is.

This was a really cool day. I covered a lot of ground. I left Waverley Station, walked down through Morningside to the Hermitage of Braid then around the other side of Blackford Hill, where these rocks are. I walked through the Grange and Marchmont to the National Museum of Scotland before eventually getting back on the train back to Glasgow. The National Museum had an excellent exhibition, now finished, called Body Beautiful about diversity in fashion, featuring style for LGBTQIA+, disabled and ethnically diverse people.

I also undertook the next instalment of Loose Ends that day, in fact about a mile from Blackford Hill. Tune in next week for that.



7 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Blackford Hill Rocks

    1. Excellent. It’s at the northern end of Blackford Hill, if you’re ever in the area. Where I grew up is geologically significant and I’ve always meant to read up on it so I can at least comprehend just why it’s important.

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