Loose Ends: Arden Street

I passed through Marchmont on the way back from the Hermitage and Blackford Hill and realised that I was near Arden Street. I could link it into Loose Ends through books. I had been reading about geology and Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus lived in Arden Street. There’s been more tenuous connections. Anyway, Arden Street is a non-descript Marchmont street and it was sunny with a few residents dotted around, cars and vans parked. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and all was calm. It probably wasn’t under the surface, mind.

To the connections and I could have gone to anywhere linked to Ian Rankin, like Edinburgh University or Cardenden which has a street named after him. Not the Oxford Bar, though: we don’t do pubs. Any place connected to any Scottish literary character would have done, maybe back to Glasgow or somewhere in our capital, which is after all an UNESCO City of Literature. Arden, albeit with a different spelling, is also a part of Glasgow. Thinking laterally would lead me to the next destination.

Thanks for reading. Another Loose Ends post follows in two weeks’ time. The Loose Ends page features the other parts of this series.

7 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Arden Street

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