Saturday Saunter: Stars and a whole lot of football

Good Saturday to you,

Our post is being written on a very cold Monday night. As I walked back from the station tonight, I stopped on the bridge and looked up into a clear, dark sky. Even though I live in a city suburb, I could actually see a couple of stars. I could see plane lights too but actually stars, probably the first I’ve seen since I’ve lived here. I did see stars, a whole shimmering sky of them, when I was camping at Arisaig a month or so ago but actually seeing stars here in the city is a novelty. I’m currently, though temporarily, commuting by train and I often stop on the bridge just to look, sometimes watch trains, other times to look across the urban sprawl.

View from Calton Hill with Easter Road in the foreground and North Berwick Law in the distance

This is being posted as I will be on the way to Edinburgh to watch Hibs. This is the first of three football matches in four days. Today is the first game of the Jack Ross era at Hibs and I am just watching an interview with the new Dear Leader where he is coming across well. Three points is all I ask. Tomorrow is the Scottish Women’s Cup Final and I am braving Tynecastle, a place I normally boycott, to watch Hibs Ladies take on Glasgow City, putting my money where my mouth is and hopefully seeing a Hibs team lift a trophy in Gorgie. Tuesday I get to walk half a mile across Paisley to see Hibs play at St. Mirren. Before I go to watch today’s soccerball I will probably have a wander around Edinburgh, maybe a few minutes looking across from Calton Hill (pictured above). The Edinburgh Christmas mess is happening again so as much as I would like to visit the National Gallery, which I haven’t been to in ages, I’ll give it a miss until the Turners are there in January. A sensory overload that can quite easily be avoided.

Tuesday night now. I hit a wall last night.

On Tuesday, a muckle bear sculpture was unveiled just outside Dunbar. It was sculpted by Andy Scott, who also sculpted the Kelpies near Falkirk. The bear is being linked to John Muir, born in Dunbar, who went off to America and became a key part of the environmental movement. Dunbar is justly proud of John Muir though I’m not at all sure this sculpture is the best way to commemorate him. I will reserve judgement, though, until I actually get to be there and see it. I think it might be one of those things that might be better to experience when you’re actually there. Whatever I think of it, it will hopefully bring more folk to the area, which can only be a good thing.

In last week’s Saturday Saunter, I talked about ‘the big light’. It was in a longer section about being autistic in a cinema but the big light bit stuck. I gather that the big light isn’t just a Scottish concept, even being found over the border in Englandshire. Peter Kay’s even done stand up about it. There’s hope for them after all. I was also interested to hear about the playwright Jo Clifford, who wrote Jesus, Queen of Heaven, a play featuring a transgender Christ. I hadn’t heard of her before – theatre isn’t really my world – but I’m glad I do. The more I read of Jo Clifford, she comes across as a really interesting person.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 23rd November 2019. Thank you for reading. Tomorrow will be a post about connections. Wednesday will be the 700th post. Have a very nice weekend.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: Stars and a whole lot of football

      1. Thanks! As in all things, it’s quality rather than quantity that matters. For a while I was doing four posts a week which was totally unsustainable. Three might even be too many. Luckily I write in bursts which carry me through the lean times like now when work and studying mean I don’t have a lot of spare energy.

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  1. Alli Templeton

    You are doing well to reach your 700th post, Kev! Well done! I look forward to it.
    There’s nothing quite like seeing a sky full of stars. Northumberland enjoys ‘dark sky’ accolades, and I’ve seen some spectacular skies up there. Looking forward to returning for more next summer.

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