Saturday Saunter: Hate will never win

Good Saturday to you,

Our post is being started on Monday night and I’ve got the Beatles in my ears. ‘Hello, Goodbye’. A train has just passed by my window. That does happen a lot considering I live next to the railway. I’m quite blase about trains. I spend a lot of my life on them so it’s only long journeys that excite me these days. The Scotrail Express to Edinburgh or the ten minutes to my current workplace are now utterly routine. Talking of which I am in Edinburgh today for football while tomorrow I am out and about around Glasgow, as far as possible from Hampden where the Gruesome Twosome are playing.

A graffitied wall with the words ‘hate will not win;

I’ve been looking through my photos for inspiration tonight and I’ve come up with one I took down a close in Dundee on a cold night at the very start of this year. There is a close quite near the bus station which is very well decorated by graffiti, some of it incredibly artistic. The last time I was there it featured lots of contempt towards the Prime Minister. In that spirit and since this is the last Saturday Saunter before the election, I wanted to share some words from January:

‘hate will never win’

I am quite cynical about politics at the moment. I am cynical about a whole lot of things, really, but politics particularly. I don’t particularly see the point in an election now and it just seems to be an excuse to change the conversation rather than to change society. Nevertheless millions of pounds are being spent on this ridiculous exercise and it is important to go and do the business on Thursday. For the last few years have been toxic. Hate is all too prevalent but it cannot, will not win. I believe in little except the power of humanity for good, even if sometimes it is misapplied. I believe that fundamentally we want the same things, even if we sell it from a different point of view, as Bob Dylan said. Hate will never win.

I am an humanist though I have a deep respect for those who are religious. There are some very good religious people. One is Rose Hudson-Wilkin, until recently the Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons. I remember years ago hearing the Reverend Rose on Desert Island Discs and she had once climbed on top of her church in Hackney to protest gentrification when her church’s roof leaked. Every time I hear about her, as in this recent Guardian piece, I think just how sound a human she is. There were many tributes when she stood down recently to take up the post of Bishop of Dover though they were overshadowed by the obsequious tributes to the departing John Bercow.

Another quote in my camera roll is from The Gender Games by Juno Dawson, which I read in April. She quoted Kate Bornstein – ‘Do whatever it takes to make your life worth living’. I made a note of that one for a reason. My move to Glasgow six years ago was a radical move but unequivocally the right one. I sometimes get frustrated by life. My instinct is often to rush forward when my head advises caution. To do whatever it takes is tough. But so is life. It’s all about living your best life.

Anyway, on that rather ponderous note, it’s time to close for another Saturday. Tomorrow is a post about books. Wednesday is Loose Ends and it’s back in the very heart of Glasgow. Thanks as ever to all commenters, followers and readers. Cheers just now.

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