A photo post today. Our blog pal Wednesday’s Child has featured a few excellent posts about statues lately and I decided to put together a post featuring a few of my own favourite statues. The first features Donald Dewar, which stands at the top of Buchanan Street here in Glasgow. At his feet protests and marches often gather, as well as folk just watching the city pass by or eating their lunch. This statue features in Loose Ends in the New Year.

I have tried to feature a few of women, much underrepresented in public monuments. Glasgow currently has just four statues of women; in Edinburgh there are more statues of dogs than women. I always make a point of stopping by the Mary Barbour statue at Govan Cross. We need more like her. Anyway, enjoy.

Donald Dewar statue – a tall, suited figure with a yellow brick and glass-fronted building behind. Photograph taken at night.
Ford in Fort William statue – featuring a man driving an old car. The statue is on a modern street.
Charlotte Square Gardens, Edinburgh – the back end of a statue of a man on a horse in a park.
Oor Wullie figure, near the Hydro, Glasgow – this one features a cartoonish boy sat on a bucket. The bucket features a drawing of a crane.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh statue, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow – a man sat on a chair, with modern housing behind
Minnie the Minx, Dundee – a statue of a comic book character, a young girl holding a slingshot (or gutties)
Desperate Dan statue, with Dawg and Minnie the Minx behind – Dundee – a cowboy with a dog on a lead. A statue of a young girl holding a slingshot is in the background. The statue is on a busy city street.
David Hume statue, High Street, Edinburgh – a man in robes, sat on a plinth. He holds a book and his toes are golden. Behind is a court building.
Snail in a bottle statue, Wellmeadow Street, Paisley – featuring May Donoghue, a woman from Paisley who established legal precedent after finding a snail in a bottle of ginger beer in a cafe.
Statue of the Duke of Wellington, Queen Street, Glasgow – the back end of a statue of a man on a horse. The man has a red-and-white traffic cone on his head. The photograph is being taken between two pillars of a building. Office buildings are in the background.
Statue of Mary Barbour, Govan – a woman leading a group of people, some holding banners. Behind is a bus terminus with a bus pulling out from the stance.

9 thoughts on “Statues

  1. Alli Templeton

    What an excellent – and varied crop of statues you have up there, Kev! Love the Ford one, and you don’t see many statues wearing a traffic cone! I do remember going to the the Richard III Visitor Centre in Leiester and being amused by the statue of him outside, as someone had put a Leicester City scarf on him. Of course, the team did have that meteoric rise to the top of the league just after he was laid to rest in the cathedral. Eerie, indeed… but the scarf, and the colours, did suit Richard!

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