Loose Ends: Kibble Palace

For a long while it looked like I would follow Glasgow Central Station with Wemyss Bay Station. They link together because direct trains run between them, plus both were partly designed by James Miller. Then I realised it might not happen this year plus on a recent trip to the West End, I thought I could link Central to the Botanic Gardens instead. That became the backup plan but the day I was over there, they were setting up for a light show so I couldn’t get near the fence which encloses the old railway station. Plan C was swiftly hatched and I walked over to the Kibble Palace which had some rigging and lights set up too. It worked as a Loose Ends link since the Kibble Palace is in Glasgow and near an old railway station.

The Kibble Palace is located in Glasgow Botanic Gardens and houses temperate plants. Plus a fish pond and a room of killer plants. It says so right on the door. It was originally built in the 1860s for a private home then brought up the Clyde and plonked in its current location in 1873. I like to sit there and have done so many, many times, to think, read or eat lunch on a cold day. I remember one time being there and reading Bob Dylan’s autobiography and eating a Marks and Spencer sandwich. One of those is fairly typical of me, the other wasn’t so much at that time. On a cold day the Kibble Palace represents warmth but I’ve been there on warm days and it has been cooler than outside. The day I did the Subway walk I stopped there for lunch and it was definitely cooler in a glass house than in the hot May sun. This day, unseasonably cold for October, there were a few folk reading, talking, or sitting with my thoughts. I did a couple of those things, sitting studying for a bit, before moving on, suitably refreshed.

Connections aren’t hard from the Kibble Palace. There are some interesting places even within the Botanics. Or I could go to one of the many other fine gardens around the country, including the Edinburgh Botanics which I still see as the real deal. Or if I keep up the palace route and go to Spynie, up near Elgin which has long been on my list, or the People’s Palace since that’s more about the people than powers and potentates. It’s always worth having a backup plan, though, just in case.

Thanks for reading. The Loose Ends page features links to the other parts of this series.

7 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Kibble Palace

  1. Alli Templeton

    Nice post, Kev. You know, I can almost see a book in your memoirs of the years you spent sitting and eating your lunch, reading or musing over things in the palace botanical gardens. There’s something very comforting, and fascinating, about the same place with time moving on around it, with different thoughts channelled through one mind. I really enjoyed this one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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