Saturday Saunter: Radio, being an OU student and books

Good Saturday to you,

This last Saturday Saunter of 2019, indeed of the decade, is being posted as I am having a quiet Saturday at home. I did plan to go to Durham today but due to just feeling tired, there was a late call-off. Hopefully I will get there again soon.

I am starting this post on Wednesday night. I have just downed a bottle of white chocolate milk and I have the radio on, Hearts vs Celtic. At the moment Scott Brown has just been booked for the lessers. After I finish writing this, I think I might pick up a book from my formidable to-read pile or else do some more scribbling. I have been reading more than I have been writing the last few days. I started re-reading Tony Benn’s diaries again the other day, prompted by the defeat of his compadre Dennis Skinner in the election last week. I also started the autobiography of motor racing driver Jason Plato but I wasn’t quite in the mood when I started it on Saturday.

Friday morning now. I was quite sleepy when I was writing on Wednesday. I’m going to write this then get ready to go to Edinburgh. There’s football tonight, Hibs vs The Rangers, but I’m off today so I’m going to head through early for a walk somewhere, hopefully by the Forth. My soundtrack this morning is Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music. I haven’t listened to much radio for a while but my work has had the radio on, though it can’t get digital. I have a digital radio I bought about six or seven years ago, a Pure one with a CD player in it. Unfortunately there’s a Christmas song on at the moment, but it’s a 1960s number rather than Slade or whatever. There was a cool version of Auld Lang Syne earlier.

Lauren Laverne has just recommended Underland by Robert Macfarlane to her guest Tim Key. I think I might need to listen to this show more.

I read an article the other day seeking to bust myths about studying with the Open University. To be fair, the article was on the Open University Facebook page so it can hardly be impartial. Neither can I, to be honest. I have been an Open University student on-and-off for just shy of a decade and I haven’t really thought of what that means for me. Of course it can impress people but that’s not an important factor. At the moment my student experience is me with my iPad, sitting in bed while having a lie-in or sitting on a train or a bus. Sometimes lately in football grounds before the match starts. It is wonderfully portable. I fit it in around my life, often with a wee bit of guilt at not having got round to this week’s reading until just then. It needs mental energy and time, when you simply don’t want to give it as much as on sunnier, brighter days when it’s a pleasure. It is those late nights when struggling with a stray reference in a bibliography when a warm bed and sleep is the goal, ready to feel deeply unrested for the morning. The goal for me is to get the degree done then decide what I want to do when I grow up. The current module, Empire 1492-1975, has been interesting but with a lot of reading. After that’s done, one module left and hopefully that’s it.

Christmas tree, with lots of clear lights

I finish up for Christmas on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, at 2.30. After that it’s straight home, feeling deeply relieved. It has been a long year. Personally I’ve had a lot on work-wise and in my life too. Turning 30. On Christmas Eve, I will feel Christmassy. Anything before that detracts from the fact there’s work to be done, preparations to be made. Then I can chill, read, spend time with family, sleep, eat, all that for twelve whole days. The best bit is that the Christmas tunes, Wizzard, the Pogues and all the rest, they go back in the box, not to be heard for another year. Braw. The lights get turned off and overloads come from other sources instead. I might manage a couple of trips out. I like the interregnum between Christmas and New Year. The weather is usually grey and a bit cold, much like today, actually, but I don’t mind that.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 21st December 2019. Tomorrow’s post is about something called the Sunshine Award. No post on Wednesday but Thursday, Boxing Day, will be the annual Best of 2019 post. Next Saturday will be the Books of 2019. They’re both written already, I’m happy to say. To all readers, commenters and followers, all the very best. For those who celebrate Yule, a very Merry Christmas. To all who follow the Gregorian calendar, a Happy New Year when it comes. Oh, and trans rights are human rights. Peace.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: Radio, being an OU student and books

  1. Alli Templeton

    All the best to you as well, Kev. I’m with you on the interregnum between Christmas and the New Year. That’s when I properly unwind – as much as I can on this latest module! Interesting thoughts on being an OU student. I’m not as portable as you, so it’s good to see how others study. I work on a laptop so I can go out, but with all the books I’m mostly chained to the house. It’s good to know a fellow student who’s at the same point in their degree as me. Hope it all goes well for you in 2020 – I’m sure it will. Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

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