Loose Ends: George Square

On the way home from Edinburgh one Sunday evening, I decided to kill some time and have a wander around George Square. George Square is where the City Chambers is. The City Chambers is home to Glasgow City Council, who own the Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanic Gardens. It was late November and Christmas lights were up but I forgot that there was also a big wheel, shows and stalls in the square. I did a circuit, actually liking the subtlety and class of the lights, even if the Christmas muzak was a bit grating. That I could hear someone belting out ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’ by Shania Twain in one of the tents cheered the miserable Scrooge in me up no end. The City Chambers was lit up, the square full of people enjoying the festivities. I looked and listened, turned around the square and headed for the train home.

George Square is very easy to link to. There is a George Square in Edinburgh, part of the University. There are other City Chambers about the country too, other places which have a Wetherspoons or a Greggs or a train station backing onto them. George Square has seen some incredible events in its time and has been the setting of numerous paintings and poems, including one of my favourites, ‘The Starlings of George Square’ by Edwin Morgan. Perhaps a place linked to Edwin Morgan might work, like the University of Glasgow or the Scottish Poetry Library. It won’t be hard to find somewhere to go from George Square, that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading. This is part of the Loose Ends series here on Walking Talking. Another instalment will follow next week. For the other parts of the series, please see the Loose Ends page.

5 thoughts on “Loose Ends: George Square

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