Saturday Saunter: Photos, woods and getting lost

Good Saturday to you,

This is one of those Saturdays when I’m working hence the post is coming early. I am actually writing it on Monday night, listening to Tide Lines.

Since I last posted here, I’ve been fairly busy. I wrote the last Saunter on Friday and on Saturday I went to do some Loose Ends business in Glasgow city centre then off to Kelvingrove. I had the idea of going to Rottenrow, now part of the Strathclyde University campus but once the city’s main maternity hospital. The site of the hospital is marked by part of the old building’s edifice and a garden with a sculpture of a nappy pin. That Loose Ends post will be a good few weeks away. I just liked that particular one. I finally got to the Linda McCartney exhibition at Kelvingrove, which closes tomorrow (Sunday). It was excellent. I wasn’t so bothered by the many photos of the Beatles, Paul McCartney and other musicians, more interested by the more arty ones. I think my favourite featured the model Twiggy, with a plait in her hair, thoughtful and staring down. Another cracking one was a group of old guys talking on a street in Campbeltown. It looked like it could have been anywhere. A picture of a London street scene was also cool, a nice sunset on a wintry day like this one, showing the car mirror with a pair of male eyes. I’m going by memory rather than notes hence it’s a wee bit vague.

This might be one of those posts when I rant less and talk more about adventures. On Sunday, the last day of my festive break, I went to Dunbar. While there I did some more Loose Ends stuff, the last of it something I was meaning to do anyway and which connects neatly, always a bonus. I walked from Belhaven to the new Dunbar Bear sculpture, taking the most direct route which took me through Lochend Woods, a place I know very well from my younger days. Despite not having been there for well over a decade, I still knew most of the paths without thinking about it. The woods are surrounded by new houses but there are still familiar places, including the glade where I hurt my ankle cross-country running in PE. It was a great blast from my past. The poems and creative thoughts that used to come walking those familiar paths.

After the Bear, which I liked far more than I thought I would (and which also features in Loose Ends soon so I won’t dwell on it here), I decided to take a path which led under a railway bridge. I thought it might come out at a hamlet called Broxburn but it turned out that it was a bit closer to Dunbar, at a farm steading called Newtonlees. Like much of Dunbar, however, even that is now houses and I soon came into a very unfamiliar row of houses. I actually had to look on Google Maps to find my way back to the road, which is very strange in the place where I grew up. I managed, though, and was soon on the East Beach, a place I also know very well. The sky was beautiful, a brighter pink on the horizon, oranges and yellows as the sun set behind.

This weekend, then. Yesterday, Friday, I was due to have a day trip to Falkirk and the Kelpies. More on that soon, I’m sure. Tomorrow I’m on the way to Newcastle, probably for some museums and culture. Over the weekend I’m hoping to finish Harriet the Spy and probably try and do some OU reading.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 11th January 2020. Thanks for reading. Nothing scheduled for tomorrow though Loose Ends will be back on Wednesday with a statue, once more in Glasgow. For the next few weeks Loose Ends gets very Glaswegian. Never a bad thing. Have a good weekend.

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