Loose Ends: Billy Connolly mural

Or at least one of the three murals featuring Sir Billy Connolly around Glasgow city centre. I chose my favourite of them, the Jack Vettriano one, which sits above a beer garden, simply because it is around the corner from the La Pasionaria statue. Billy Connolly is a comedian and actor and he’s from Glasgow, very probably the funniest man Scotland has produced. The BBC commissioned the murals to mark Connolly’s 75th birthday and the Vettriano mural shows a scene from Billy Connolly’s World Tour of Scotland, at a time when Connolly was sans beard, being blown about by the wind up north near Wick. It is probably the most natural of the three murals around the city centre. The others, by John Byrne and Rachel Maclean, are both great but I have a soft spot for this one.

I had a connection in mind for the next one anyway and again it wasn’t far away. I changed plan en route but it worked even better.

Thanks for reading. Another Loose Ends post follows next week. The Loose Ends page features the whole set from this series.

10 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Billy Connolly mural

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