Saturday Saunter: Essays and football stress

Good Saturday to you,

Unusually this is being written on Sunday morning. I had an assignment due on Thursday so decided to use a few extra minutes to write this and eliminate another item from the to-do list. The essay was about the value of military might to the British Empire. I can guarantee, since at this stage I haven’t written it yet, that I will be doing my best to restrain myself from being too sarcastic. I can’t make too many promises though.

I am starting this with Breabach in the background, some nice folky music to start the day. I’m heading out shortly for a day trip in Edinburgh, which should be brilliant. I was out last night at an event at Celtic Connections, a music festival which happens in Glasgow in January. It was absolutely great. It was about bothy ballads and the First World War, in two parts with the first balladeer Joe Aitken and the second a musical play with stories of soldiers and some stunning music. It was heavily Doric-flavoured though there was a cracking song about a Pittenweem laddie, Pittenweem being across the Forth from where I grew up in East Lothian.

This will be posted as I am on the way to Edinburgh to watch Hibs. It’s the first Saturday 3pm home fixture for a while. The other day I saw an article on the BBC News website that football fans experience considerable stress levels when following their team. I know I can do. I remember the tension that ensued in the last minutes of the Scottish Cup Final in 2016. There were a few folk who simply couldn’t watch. Football is tribal and in the best and worst moments it is characterised by passion. Strangely, though, last Wednesday night when Hibs were behind against Hamilton and came back and won, I was fairly relaxed, at points almost indifferent when we were behind and playing particularly badly.

I don’t really have much else to say today. That’s fine. There are enough words out there. This of course appears on Saturday 1st February and for the first time in my life, I am not an European citizen. I can only hope that will only be temporary.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 1st February 2020. Thanks so much for reading. The February digest will hopefully appear here tomorrow. Loose Ends is back on Wednesday and it’s still in Glasgow. Thanks so much for reading. All the best.

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