Saturday Saunter: iPads and buses

Good Saturday to you,

I’m working this Saturday hence it’s appearing early. This is being started on Monday night and in the background I have YouTube clips of Saturday Night Live, currently talking about the coronavirus. There’s been a biting wind today with some moments of wind, rain and hailstones just to keep things interesting.

On the walk home tonight I was thinking of some Glasgow adventures I would like to go on soon. The 3 bus goes from Drumchapel in the north west through Scotstoun, Partick, the city centre, Shawlands, Pollokshaws, Pollok, Crookston and Cardonald, ending up at Govan Bus Station, around two hours later. It passes close to my house and for years I’ve had such an urge to go the entire route, just to see where it went and what happened. I’ve decided to link it to the other longest bus route in the city, the 90, which goes from Partick to Braehead via Springburn, Parkhead and Shawlands, and may even do it in one day if my backside can take it. If it goes well I will write it up here, the scenery, people, noises and whatever else. If I can’t sit still long enough, there might be a post complaining of severe pain in delicate parts of my body and you don’t need to read that, believe me.

I read an article the other day noting the 10th anniversary of the iPad. I write these posts on a Chromebook though I do edit and read other people’s posts on my iPad, a device which is glued to my hand a lot of the time and sits to my left as I write this. I find it easier to write on a computer with a keyboard, which comes from working on desktop computers and it is ingrained in me. My iPad has a lot of my music on it, Netflix, books, OU textbooks and podcasts. Just now it’s playing a podcast of American talk show hosts Conan O’Brien and John Oliver talking to each other. I realised a few years ago that a tablet is pretty much ideal for me. One device that does nearly everything.

This weekend I am working today and away on a day trip to North Berwick tomorrow. Next week I am away to London for a few days, which should be excellent. I have two scheduled free afternoons as part of the trip but as yet I don’t have anything planned for them. At the moment I am thinking about Greenwich for one and the British Museum for the other. Or maybe the V and A. I might just spend the time between one or two of the fine museums down Kensington way. At some point I think I might sit and do some OU work looking over the Thames, realising just how lucky I am. Not for being a 30-year-old still being a student but for doing that sitting in an amazing big city as part of a cool experience.

That is our Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 8th February 2020. We will have Loose Ends again on Wednesday, which will be posted as I am somewhere in the Smoke. There will also be the annual anti-Valentine’s Day post on Friday. Next Saturday’s Saturday Saunter will be a pre-record, probably written tonight before my brain completely gives up. Before I forget, the blog now has 300 followers. That’s nice. Thanks for that. Thanks for reading, commenting and of course following. Have a great week. Cheers.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: iPads and buses

  1. Greenwich is always a good bet! I think the moon exhibition at the National Maritime Museum has ended, but the three Armada portraits of Elizabeth I will be on display at the Queen’s House from tomorrow. There’s a fabulous staircase in there worth seeing if you haven’t been! Also Brazilian churros in the market…

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