Loose Ends: Fisherrow Fishermen

Our last Loose Ends adventure was a mural down a back street in Glasgow city centre. This one couldn’t be more different but is linked because of the simple act of looking. Looking the right way is particularly useful in cities but also by the sea, in this case at Fisherrow Harbour in East Lothian. Two statues of fishermen sit by the harbour, sculpted a few years ago by Gardner Molloy. As the name suggests, fishing was key to Fisherrow’s fortunes, indeed to much of the east coast, and fishing gives names to many places in the area, including the Fishwives Causeway in Portobello. The Fishwives were crucial in Fisherrow, gutting and distributing fish, often across great distances. The John Gray Centre’s website features an interesting article about them so have a read at that. The statues of fishermen mark a part of history now but a part of local history that won’t soon be forgotten. Wonderfully these act also as traffic bollards, blocking vehicles from the footpath that forms part of the John Muir Way which leads eventually to Dunbar.

Quite a few connections are possible from here. Gardner Molloy comes from Cockenzie, just up the coast. He also sculpted ‘The Creel Loaders’ (my blog post about that one can be found here), which is on Victoria Street in Dunbar, not far from Lamer Island featured in this series before. Dunbar would lead to the big new bear sculpture that sits by the A1. There is the Scottish Fisheries Museum over in Anstruther, of course, though I have the feeling I might be staying on this side of the Forth for the next instalment…

Thanks for reading. This is part of the Loose Ends series on Walking Talking. Other instalments of the Loose Ends series can be found on the Loose Ends page.

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