St. Pancras

St. Pancras: a railway shed with a curved, glass roof and a red brick building. Pink neon words ‘I want my time with you’ hang from the roof by a large clock.

We were staying across the road from the British Library, mere moments from three of London’s main railway stations, Euston, St. Pancras and King’s Cross. Of the three, as much as the curved, coloured roof of King’s Cross is nice, St. Pancras is by far and away my favourite, even though no trains leave from there bound for Scotland. It is of course the terminus of the Eurostar, which I really want to go on one day. The statues and art are glorious, even the Tracey Emin pink neon message, ‘I want my time with you’, which reminded me of those at home. The words on the ground inspire journeys and bigger thoughts to accompany them. The statue of a couple embracing, as people often do in railway stations, is very fine particularly for the details around the bottom, of peoplewatching and the variety of humanity who pass. I still prefer the winching couple in Glasgow’s Buchanan Bus Station, especially as its sculptor was John Clinch. The list of all those lost railway jobs is poignant, a reminder of those parts of the railway now gone amidst all the rest that endures. Even though I’ve never been on a train there, St. Pancras is an incredible place and worth wandering and even lingering in, amidst the art and imagining further, future adventures.

A statue of a man and a woman embracing. They stand on a pedestal, under which are scenes of people in life.
A statue of poet John Betjeman, standing looking up with his hand to his brow. His jacket seems to be flying back in the wind. Poetic words are carved below the statue.


6 thoughts on “St. Pancras

  1. St. Pancras is without a doubt my favourite station in London! So gorgeous! I’ve not caught many trains from there, but I come to King’s Cross a fair bit to visit the British Library and other museums in the area, and I always enjoy passing through St. Pancras, not least to grab a cheeky pain au chocolat from the Le Pain inside if I’m taking a train from King’s Cross.

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