Digest: February 2020

Digest time for February 2020. A month of adventures and a whole lot of work. Let’s get down to it.

Saturday 1st February saw a trip to Edinburgh for a frustrating draw at Easter Road. I went up Calton Hill before the game. Always good to get a synoptic view.

The following day saw a Glasgow day. I don’t have so many pictures of it but we went to Streetlevel Photoworks for the Oscar Marzaroli exhibition then to Kelvingrove, finishing by going out to dinner at the Piper Bar.

From Monday 10th February to Thursday 13th February I was in London with my auntie as part of a late birthday present. On the Monday we went to the London Transport Museum and Stanford’s. Tuesday was the Harry Potter studio tour then a walk by the Thames including a hot chocolate at Tate Modern. Wednesday was a wander by the old and new Arsenal grounds before going to Greenwich and Mornington Crescent. Thursday we went to the Postal Museum before I went to the British Museum and my feet gave up. That’s a brief summary that doesn’t cover how joyous these few days were. I’ve been writing London posts these last few weeks so more will be covered, including Stanford’s, the best bookshop I’ve ever been to.

On Saturday 15th February I went with my dad to Kirkcaldy Galleries, which had a couple of excellent exhibitions on, Capturing Scotland photography and 70%, a contemporary art exhibition. Both were very decent and the photography inspired us to drive a little way along the coast to St. Monans, which had featured in the exhibition with its twisting harbour wall. Thereafter we went to Edinburgh to the Modern Art galleries, which had their usual variety.

The following day Hibs played Kilmarnock at Rugby Park. Hibs won. The train back was cancelled so a bus was for us, getting us back in time for dinner in Glasgow.

Saturday 22nd February saw Hibs play Livingston at Easter Road. Due to yet another storm, I just went to Easter Road then came straight home again.

The following Sunday was another Glasgow day including a wander amidst the anatomy and anthropology of the Hunterian Museum and chips at Old Salty’s.

Friday 28th February saw Hibs play Inverness Caledonian Thistle in the Scottish Cup. The mighty Hibees won 5-2. Before the game I had a decent wander in the capital.

Wednesday’s Child nominated me for one of those blogging awards, which is very nice of her, however I couldn’t do the responding post justice, partly because the only questions I could think of for other bloggers were something out of Monty Python. For example, ‘Goats. Discuss.’ Exactly. Better not risking it.

Related to that, after Loose Ends finishes in a few weeks, I’m intending cutting down blogging to once a week, on a Saturday. I have become increasingly busy lately and my energies are required elsewhere. Maybe in the summer there will be more time but at the moment, not so much. The Saturday Saunter will continue and it is always good fun to write for its spontaneity.

Our Scots word this month is ‘shunkie’, which is a word I rather like. It’s one of many words, in Scots and not, for the toilet.

Anyway, that’s the February digest. Thanks for reading. March looks set to be busy so it will be a fun digest, I’m sure. The blog will be back with the Saturday Saunter on Saturday and maybe something about London on Sunday. Have a very nice month.

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8 thoughts on “Digest: February 2020

  1. Alli Templeton

    What a busy month you’ve had, Kev, but a good one by the looks of it. I understand what it’s like when you’re busy. Life is frantic for me too at the moment, so I completely understand where you’re coming from when you say you’re going to cut back on blogging. I’m amazed you’ve managed to post so much while you’ve been studying – I haven’t managed to post anything since Christmas! Hoping to get a post out before long though, but not yet as I have a TMA due in on Sunday.
    Hope your studies are going well. I’ve been very impressed with Scottish medieval and early modern history so far!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice post kev, as usual. Also nominated by wednesdays child. Like you, not sure i’m the best person for it. Will try and have a bit of fun with it in a post. Also, i used to work for OU years ago. Havent heard ‘TMA’ in years. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Anabel. Strangely I am happy with a lot of what’s going on at the moment but I’m hoping to do less but do it better, if that makes sense.


  3. I know what you mean about being too busy to blog. I’ve never been the most consistent blogger – my posting schedule is very much famine then feast. I anticipate I’m about to enter a famine phase soon…
    You’re welcome for the nomination – there’s never any pressure 🙂 And my answer to that is “Goats” 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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