Loose Ends: DunBear

DunBear: a sculpture of a brown bear stood on a plinth against a dramatic sky of swirling clouds

Our last connection was the Creel Loaders statue, a fitting reminder of the fishing history of Dunbar. I was really in Dunbar that day to go see its newest resident, a muckle sculpture of a brown bear. The bear sits by the A1, the main road between Edinburgh and London, right by the road, McDonald’s and Asda. At least it won’t get hungry. It is the work of Andy Scott, the sculptor of the Kelpies over in Falkirk, and since its unveiling in November it’s been popular. I wasn’t sure what I thought of it at first. The bear was chosen in honour of John Muir, who went to found national parks in America, though it seemed a bit tenuous. I decided to go east to see it anyway, and when I first saw it, as I rounded the path behind Asda, I thought it was braw. It blended fairly well with the landscape, Doon Hill rising in the background. There was a steady line of people wanting to see it and get photos taken. I did my best to do the same while not getting anyone else in shot. I was at the Kelpies the following week and I noticed a few similarities in how both were basically metal plates stuck together, though done to splendid effect in both cases. The bear had claws and a tail, which I rather liked, though certain other parts of its anatomy weren’t immediately noticeable. I didn’t look too closely, mind. After a few minutes I left, content and soon to get lost in yet another new housing scheme.

The original plan was to go next to the Kelpies then end the third Loose Ends run at the Wallace Monument, though that didn’t work out as planned. Instead the last two came about a bit further north, by the banks of the silvery Tay.

Thanks for reading. Another Loose Ends post follows next week. The Loose Ends page features all of the instalments of the series so far.

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