Loose Ends: V and A Dundee

Good afternoon,

Welcome to the last of the current run of Loose Ends, from an adventure I had in January to Dundee. The world has changed utterly since then. This post is my attempt to try and achieve some sort of normality amidst the chaos and uncertainty. I hope everyone reading this is okay.

Next week there will be a post about the previous Loose Ends adventures so far, with some new words around some older photos.

Until then, this is Loose Ends, from Dundee, from January, in an entirely different time.

V and A Dundee: looking between two arches of a building towards a river and a bridge.

I like to pause Loose Ends with a broad, sweeping view. The last twice it has been on a hill, Calton Hill in Edinburgh and by the flagpole in Queen’s Park in Glasgow. This time I realised that the V and A in Dundee was ideal, since it was possible there to get a view up and down the Tay. I stood on the balcony and due to the angles of the building it was indeed possible to do just that. I looked left towards Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Tentsmuir and Fife, the light grey and a little bright. The hills to the right stood above the wending river, the silvery Tay. My relief at finishing this series for another time came standing there, not at all bothered about what would come next.

The V and A – I don’t do ampersands – provides a lot of scope for future adventures. Its Scottish Design gallery has plenty of objects with links right across our land, not to mention what can be seen from around the building, by the Tay or in Dundee itself. Connections will emanate forth from here again, probably in the autumn.

Thanks for reading. Loose Ends Redux follows next week. The Loose Ends series features 62 other adventures and the page links to those.

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