Saturday Saunter: Light Towers, Berwickshire and books

Good Saturday to you,

Welcome to another Saturday Saunter, being written on another sunny Friday afternoon. I hope everyone has been doing okay.

View from the Forth Road Bridge towards the Forth Bridge and North Queensferry: a view looking over a bridge’s railing to the sea, a town and a cantilevered railway bridge.

Many bloggers will know that a lot of online traffic comes from search engines. Two posts which have had a fair bit of readership recently posts from a couple of years ago about walking across the Forth Road Bridge, and the Restalrig Railway Path in Edinburgh. The Restalrig Railway Path walk was in September 2018 and I’ve managed exactly one more Railwalk since, from the New Town to Newhaven in Edinburgh. The Forth Road Bridge walk was on a sunny, spring day though I can only remember it nicely as time has passed. The height over the Forth didn’t help. We walked down into North Queensferry and stopped by the Light Tower at the harbour. I’ve written here before about my love for lighthouses and the Light Tower was built by Robert Stevenson, of the Lighthouse Stevensons, in 1817. It was restored fairly recently and it is very fine. The Tower sits in the shadow of the Forth Bridge, the real one, the rail one, indeed, and was probably more useful before the Bridge was built.

Lochranza Castle: looking across a burn to a ruined castle with a hill behind. A person in a kayak is on the water to the left.

I was thinking about where I want to visit once the lockdown is finished – after I see some loved ones, obviously – and I’m settled on Arran. Rightly, visiting Arran isn’t possible right now but on a sunny day like this, I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be. Sitting on a ferry, the blue Clyde below, Goatfell on the right. A spin around the island towards Lochranza would be excellent. Hopefully soon.

In reading news, I am into Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, book six of the series, though I think I’m going to take a break for a bit so I can read something different. On the library eBook app are The Way Of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry, I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman and Keeping On Keeping On by Alan Bennett, though I’m not sure what one to read first. This week I have been working through Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and the memoir of Tam Dalyell, who was a particularly unique Labour MP for West Lothian then Linlithgow from 1962 to 2005. Both are re-reads but both interesting in their way.

Eyemouth sculpture: a block with sculpted figures all along its length. Behind is a harbour wall and the sea.

This week Anabel Marsh has been writing about the East Coast fishing disaster in 1881. It had a horrific effect on Berwickshire, particularly Eyemouth, and having grown up in Dunbar, a few miles up the coast, I was aware of it too. It made me think about the history of that coast, fishing, smuggling and geology. Siccar Point is one of Hutton’s Uncomformities. There’s another one on Arran, I think. Fast Castle, high on a cliff, is the subject of one of my favourite paintings in the National Gallery of Scotland. Coldingham and St Abbs are both gorgeous places and I like to go to St Abbs once a year. St Abbs features one of the sculptures which commemorates the fishing disaster, showing people looking out to sea for the men who never came back. Eyemouth has more, on the front between the arcade and the harbour. History is all around us.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 9th May 2020. Thanks for reading. Loose Ends Redux returns on Wednesday and it’s entirely in Glasgow this time. There’s another odds and ends post of stuff from my inbox on Thursday. Until then, keep safe. Bye just now.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: Light Towers, Berwickshire and books

  1. I had plans to visit Arran myself, in March last year, that were scuppered by one of the big storms we’ve had of late. Any idea of trying againthis year …. well, no need to say anything! Maybe one day.

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  2. Alli Templeton

    Arran sounds a perfect place to head to once this is all over. That’s an amazing picture of Lochranza Castle – I don’t know that one, but I’d like to! And I’ve never seen a sculpture anything like the Eyemouth one, it’s very impressive with all those little figures on the top. I’d be worried they’d break off. It all looks great, Kev, and I hope you can get out to do your wish list before long.

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