Odds and ends

Hello there,

Another selection of random stuff from my inbox since I didn’t get it cleared properly last week.

Lyceum – the edifice of an old cinema with a billboard on the right and a covering over the curved frontage.

For the last few years, I’ve been writing a series here called Streets of Glasgow. It involves walking along a Glasgow street and writing about what I encounter there. So far I’ve done seventy of them. The last one was Buccleuch Street, over in Garnethill, which I did around a year ago. Some of the streets have changed significantly since I wrote about them. Sauchiehall Street has been ravaged by fire twice. Cathedral Street has buildings where cranes stood. University Avenue is still a construction site. Anyway, planning permission has been granted for the old Lyceum cinema on Govan Road (Streets post here) for a cinema and conference facilities. Glasgow once had more cinemas per head of population than anywhere else though like everywhere else, it has its share of multiplexes, even if we can’t visit any picture house at the moment. Cinema in the community is definitely a good thing, particularly in that part of Govan and hopefully, once all this is finished, the Lyceum will be open again.

There have been quite a few exhibitions moving online, including the Hunterian Art Gallery’s fine exhibition about Edwin Morgan and Joan Eardley, the Museum of London’s Clash display and the BP Portrait Award from the National Portrait Gallery. I spent a wee while looking around the BP Portrait Award exhibition the other day and can confirm that some of the artworks looked better in context, looking generally rather than zooming in, which is often the case in physical spaces, to be fair. I would also urge looking on a bigger screen rather than a phone, just for the best effect.

I’ve written here before about my love of maps. Thankfully there are a whole lot of maps online, as well as physical maps we can devour and savour. I have seen a few virtual adventures happening, including in this excellent Guardian article about travelling by map through Wales. I have the OS Maps app on my iPad and spent a nice morning a couple of weeks ago traversing my part of the world. I used to have the OS Landranger map for Duns, Dunbar and Eyemouth on my bedroom wall and lost quite a lot of time looking across its folds.

Anyway, that’s my inbox a bit emptier now. I should be back on Saturday with another Saturday Saunter and Loose Ends Redux on Wednesday, which is in Edinburgh. Hope everyone is okay. Cheers just now.



10 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. Alli Templeton

    I love maps too, Kev, and the Guardian article on Wales by map looks really interesting so I’m going to have a good look at that. Thanks for the steer.

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    1. Sometimes that happens. Music can be too much for however you’re feeling. There have been times in last few weeks when I haven’t been able to face anything. Hope you’re okay.


      1. I’m doing okay, thanks. One of the hardest things right now is having that ever-present layer of worry about the people closest to us.


  2. I’m not a big fan of online exhibitions, I must confess! I’m so prone to migraines that I really have to limit my screen time these days to work and blogging – I just can’t stare at a screen intensely enough to look through an exhibition without getting an awful headache (I’m actually fighting one as I write this – the heat brings them on too!), but I can appreciate that they’re a good alternative for people who don’t share my issues.

    On a happier note, I like maps too, and I am currently doing a map jigsaw puzzle of London. There’s so many areas I’d never even heard of despite living here for a dozen years – I think when all this is over, I need to spend some serious time exploring my own city!

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