Saturday Saunter: Podcasts, telly and walks

Good Saturday to you,

Hope everyone reading this is keeping okay. This missive is being written later on Friday. It’s a bit windy out and it was raining when I was out earlier. Given the warm sunshine a lot of us have had lately, some rain is a decent change of pace. I can also confirm that I smelled petrichors so all good there.

This week I’ve been listening to a few podcasts. I have quite a few built up and despite having a lot of time to listen to them, the backlog only keeps growing. I’ve been listening to the Terrace Scottish Football Podcast and the British Museum podcast, very, very different, obviously, but no less interesting. The Terrace is continuing despite these football-less times – the Bundesliga resumes today, of course – and they have been discussing the life and times of the Scottish game as well as what to watch and play in the midst of lockdown. Hopefully that will continue amidst the dissection of the latest, interminable statement from Ann Budge or whoever. The British Museum is one of my favourite places on the planet and its work continues even while its doors are currently shut. The podcast features discussions about museum accessibility and volunteering – both areas close to my heart – as well as Venetian maps. Accessibility is particularly important to the BM, I’m glad to say, and it was good to hear about their work in that area.

Most of my telly watching has been through the BBC iPlayer, including A View From The Terrace‘s clip show of their films (which is on in the background now), Landward, about Scotland’s great outdoors, Inside Central Station and Hidden LivesHidden Lives is a series of documentaries about Scottish life, so far taking in the burning of the Clavie (a tar barrel) in Burghead and the Bo’ness Fair, presented by journalist Peter Ross. Peter Ross is great so go watch that if you can. Inside Central Station is about the mighty Glasgow Central Station, normally the busiest railway station in Scotland, in its glass-roofed finery. It is weird seeing Central so busy in light of current events. I’m advised that I appeared in the background of the Christmas Special last year, striding across the street. Central has an incredible history and it is amply covered in this new series.

Bellahouston Park: looking across a park. A white wall is to the left, trees in the centre. A tower block stands to the left; more trees stand to the right.
Crookston Castle: looking up to a ruined tower house. A fence is at the top of the tower. Trees stand to the left and right of the castle.

I’ve been out for a few walks over the last week including to Bellahouston Park and Crookston Castle. I hadn’t been over to Bellahouston for ages and since it’s quite near here, I thought I would remedy that, even if the grass and dandelions didn’t play nicely with my hay fever. I walked nearly to the top of the hill, looked across to the Cathkin and Gleniffer Braes, then came back home through the Craigton Cemetery, which as usual tree-lined and flower-filled. Like Central Station, Crookston Castle has featured in my Loose Ends series and I hadn’t been there since. The castle itself is closed at the moment so I walked around the perimeter, checking it was still there and enjoying the sunshine.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 16th May 2020. Thanks for reading. Loose Ends Redux resumes on Wednesday and it’s back in Edinburgh this week. There might be something else out too. Until then, keep well. Cheers just now.

One thought on “Saturday Saunter: Podcasts, telly and walks

  1. Alli Templeton

    I’m not surprised you love the British Museum so much. I’m really looking forward to going to see the Bayeux Tapestry there in 2022. I expect that’ll be worth a journey down to London for you too. Lovely picture of Crookston Castle! I’m managing to get to some earthwork castles now, which is nice, but I can’t wait to get back to exploring all the stone ones!

    Liked by 1 person

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